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Spoiler: Mud Girl by Alison Acherson

This book was very interesting and arty in a way. Some characters are what I really want to discuss mostly about these books.
Abi's Dad- I was hoping in the end he'd get his crap together and be a parent. It was a disappointment that he didn't and Abi had to leave but she did the right thing. She was still only a teenager.
Jude- This man is the biggest jerk EVER! I disliked him extremely( on the verge of hate). I hope someone else felt this way about him. My only thought about him was that he couldn't handle one kid what was he doing trying to seduce another girl.... what if she had a kid to? I don't blame Dyl's mother for leaving but I wish she would have taken Dyl with her.
Dyl-He's just a little boy, he deserves better than Jude and I'm happy that in the end he'll have a real home (hopefully with Abi). I think Abi was almost like the only 'parent' he'd ever really had.
Lily- She took care of Dyl as long as she could. That must have taken some guts seriously... because she was dying realistically. I wonder what illness she had...? Any ideas? My best guess in cancer.
Horace- He seems like this great middle-aged guy. He almost acted like Abi's father near the end because he took care of her no matter what. He's perfect for Mary Rhodes.
Mary/Rhodes/Ernestine- IT's sad that she was only Abi's 'Big Sister' because of her dad but it worked out in the end. I think she was almost a mother figure... really she could have been Abi's mother. I hoe she's happy with Horace ohlalala.
Amanda- A true best friend! She cared about Abi's best interests from the first time she met her. She's kinda like a mother hen. A think all friend groups have one! I think they will always be friends. She didn't treat Abi badly because of where she lived or what her father was like.
Abi-She's had a tough time of it but I still wonder what she was like before her mother left. Any ideas? Comment :D She was strange but she found a life for herself not letting her past invade her future. It must have taken a lot of bravery to go to the Foster Home and 'Steal' Dyl. I think she would be a great parent.
Other questions: Why did her mother leave? We never really did find out.. or at least I didn't get it... What will happen to Abi's Dad on his own? Will he even notice she's missing?
Favourite Lines and Moments:
♥PG. 11-12 " 'It's the luck of the thing,' he said. 'I walk in, I say I'm looking for the most beautiful blue for the most beautiful woman on earth, and they show me this, and it's the only blue they have. I figure it's destiny.'
'Not everything that falls across your path is destiny,' Mum said. 'Sometimes what falls across your path is just there to trip you.' "
♥PG. 12 " 'Mary,' hes say on ocassion, 'where's your sense of adventure?'
'Brought me as far across the Atlantic as this side of Canada, then left me for someone else,' would be her answer"
♥PG. 17 " 'Would you like to go for a walk?'
That's probably number three or four in the Suggestions for New Big Sisters list. Right after Friendly Approach and Say Something Nice About Surroundings."
♥PG. 25 "She wonders what colour his eyes are: brown and warm; green, full of life; blue and bright. Her own: a dark murky blue-green, as if she's lived by the river so long it's become a part of her. Mud girl, living at the river's edge."
♥PG. 48 " Beside her, she can feel Judge closer, can feel his weight. There's a warmth on her neck and she turns at the suddenness of it, and they're connected. Just like that.
Abi's not prepared for it. She always thought her first real kiss would be something she could recognize at the time. But before she can tell herself what's happening, it's over.
'What do you think?' he asks, his voice husky.
I don't ant to think. She kisses him back because it's easier than talking."
♥PG. 58 " 'Oh my,' Rhodes says. Of course. She helps Abi to her feet. 'Oh my,' again and then, 'you haven't been... been...' she can't even say it.
'Drinking?' Abi asks. She motions around. 'What do you think?' She takes the arm Rhodes offers. 'I could've used a bottle though- a bottle of sunscreen.' "
♥PG. 60 "Back at the house she tries to help Abi to the chesterfield.
'No, not that piece of carp,' Abi tells her, still keeping her head down. She sinks to the floor, back to the wall. 'There's springs coming out of the cushions. They coil right up your butt.' "
♥ PG. 62 "Happy as a pig in shit isn't that what they say?"
♥PG. 83 " 'You do have friends, don't you, Abi?
'Of course,' Abi says quickly. 'I have.. Jude. And... there's the kids at school,' She adds. But a picture of Fiona come to her mind and she has to look away from Rhode's eyes.'
'Who do you laugh with?'
Stop poking at me like this! Makes Abi want to poke back. 'I don't need to laugh.'
'You do,' Rhodes says. 'More than anyone.' "
♥ PG. 105 "Who's a chick? Am I a chick? Is it something I want to be?"
♥PG. 120 " 'Uncle Bernard,' Mum had said, not looking at her. 'He's going to be Uncle Bernard.'
Uncle Bernard had lived his entire life in this house. He was sixty when he died, and left it to Dad. There was no one else to leave it to.
'Who?' Abi asked, even though she knew what Mum's answer would be.
'Your father.' She peered through the floorboards to the river. 'He's going to turn into Uncle Bernard now, and I don't want to be married to Uncle Bernard.' "
♥PG. 160 " 'How do you know that? About foster homes?' is all Abi can think of to say to Fiona.
Fiona's eyes rest on her now. 'Everybody know s that,' says Fiona.
'Not everybody,' says Abi. 'Only people who have nothing better to do than stick their nose into other people's homes.' "
♥PG. 172 " 'Does Ernestine... I mean Mary... come here often?' Abi asks.
He sets the tray down. He doesn't answer the question until he sis and looks at Abi. 'Sometimes I just don't know what to do with Mary. She makes me feel like a little boy, and I want some other little boy in class to go over and tell her that I like her...' "
♥PG. 180 " He stares at her, a dreamy look on his face, and she feels more and more uncomfortable. He pulls his artist's brush from his pocket and, in the air,he paints her face, taking pains to trace her brows perfectly with such concentration on his face. He paints her lips and even though there's five meters between them Abi can feel the caress."
♥PG. 195 "Abi remembers overhearing a conversation in the gym wash room, one girl saying to another, I told him: you wear a raincoat, or we're not going out to play."
♥ PG. 222 " 'We,' she says, looking into his face, 'are going to have fun today.'
'Boats?' he asks, filled with hope.
'Lots of boats!' "
♥PG. 234 "He looks at her pleading. 'It's not easy being a dad. I'm barely twenty. I gotta work. I gotta take care of my mum. My kid. I gotta cook some food when I get home. Go shoppin' ' He sighs. 'I gotta have a life. I deserve a life.'
Abi's tone is grit. 'This is your life,' she says motioning to the house. "
♥ PG. 253 "What'd she do? Have a list? 'Stock up on underwear and tampons. Find a Big Sister. Leave a cook book'... "
♥PG. 264 " ' But we're not regular?' asks Abi with a grin.
'You want to be regular?' Abi has a hand on herhip.
Abi thinks for a minute. 'Don't think I've ever seen myself as 'regular' nope.' "
♥Pg. 314 "My dearest Abi- I'm hoping you'll consider taking care of Dyl. He loves you and I know you love him to.
She can hear Lily's voice through the words on the paper.
But you are you and this may not be best for you, so please know taht there are other options. My lawyer has my will and can discuss it with you. Thank you Abi, you have brought light to my last days here- Lily Arden"
Sincerely, Sidny

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