Monday, October 17, 2011

Spoiler: The Outsiders S.E Hinton

This book really took me by surprise. I thought since it was so short that it really wouldn't hit the points I wanted and that I wouldn't enjoy it. But I really did. I got into the characters minds and into their situation. It's terrible to know that kids all over the world feel the need to join a gang to gain a family. I'm sure everyone has their different reasons but it makes my heart sink.
Ponyboy: he is still a kid and I don't think he honestly understands the world at all. I understand why he is in to gang life though. He wants to have a big family and since his brothers are also in it they could get him in no problem. I like Ponyboy he is the best character to tell this story from.
Johnny: I hate that he died! But I'm happy he died a hero for saving those kids. I know that he shouldn't have killed Bob and I don't think he meant to. do you? he just seemed like he was tired of being the underdog.
Dally: I think he wasn't as tough as everyone thought he was. I think he really cared about Johnny otherwise he wouldn't have pulled that gun and gotten shot. he wanted that. it was no mistake. I also believe that he wasn't as brave as the front he puts on. he only does it so he won't get hurt.
Darry: Although Ponyboy can't see it, Darry loves him more than he'll ever know
Sodapop: I Love His Name! He is amazing with the gang and good basically with everyone. I feel bad about the girl who dumped him. I wouldn't have though.. :D
Two-Bit: Every group needs the guy who can make people laugh. Am I right?
Cherry: She seems like a nice girl.
All and all I love this book and I think it teaches us not to judge a book by it's cover... or it's hair.
♥Pg. 11
"Darry looked as if he'd like to knock our heads together 'You're both nuts.'
Soda merely cocked one eyebrow, a trick he'd picked up from Two-Bit. 'It seems to run in this family.' "

♥Pg. 12
"He and Soda worked at the same gas station- Steve part time and Soda full time- and their station got more customers than any other in town. Whether that was because Steve was so good with cars or because Soda attracted girls like honey draws flies, I couldn't tell you."

"I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe myself. "

♥Pg. 70
"I was dying for a Pepsi. I'm what you might call a Pepsi addict. I drink them like a fiend, and going for five days without one was about to kill me."

♥Pg. 100
" I heard our ford vvrrrooooom and thought Soda's driving."

♥Pg. 107
"Sixteen years on the street and you can learn a lot. But all the wrong things, not the things you want to learn. Sixteen years of the street and you see a lot. But all the wrong sights, not sights you want to see."

♥Pg. 115
" 'Soda,' I called from the bathroom, 'When did you start shaving?'
'When I was fifteen,' He yelled back.
'When did Darry?'
'When he was thirteen. Why? You figgerin' on growing a beard for the rumble?'
'You're funny. We ought to send you in to the Reader's Digest. I hear they pay a lot for funny things.' "

♥Pg. 119
" 'I am a greaser,' Sodapop chanted. 'I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society. Man, do I have fun!'
'Greaser... greaser... greaser...' Steve singsonged. 'O victim of environment, underprivileged, rotten, no-count hood!'
'Juvenile delinquent, you're no good!' Darry shouted.
'Get the hence, white trash,' Two-Bit said in a snobbish voice. 'I am a Soc. I am the privileged and the well-dressed. I throw beer blasts. Drive fancy cars, break windows at fancy parties.'
'And what do you do for fun?' I inquired in a serious, awed voice.
'I jump greasers!' Two-Bit screamed, and did a cartwheel. "

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful book!
Sincerely, Sidny

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