Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spoiler: Scrambled Eggs At Midnight by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler

So... I really did like this book. Not the best thing I've read but it was cute. I really enjoyed the lists and recipes in between chapters. I wish there would have been more! The authors did a good job on the characters. I love Abel. Speaking of characters... let's... discusssssssssssss!
Cal: She seems like such a nice girl and she just has a had a lot of bad breaks. Her mom is slightly crazy and I don't understand up rooting Cal all the time. That's just cruel. But Cal all and all turned out ok. I would think that a kid with her up bringing would have trouble falling in love and staying in one place. I also can't believe that her mom left her behind! MAH. And in some ways that makes me happy. But what kind of mother just leaves you behind.
Eliot: He's just a weird boy. But he sounds good looking. And he makes fireworks, talk about a unique hobbie! I've never heard that as listed as hobbies for teens. Probably cause it's DANGEROUS! But he's sweet. i guess i have trouble getting past the romantic thing. Most of the guys i've dated aren't into that stuff but hey a girl can dream. Eliot's dad is a nut case though. He focuses way to much on how people look and not whats inside.
Abel: HE IS AWESOME! He makes my day and he loves Cal like she's his daughter. More of a parent to her than either of her biological parents.

♥Pg. 9
"The inside of Tim Hortons smells exactly the way a sonut shop should. Too sweet with the scents of maple and chocolate and powdered sugar."

♥Pg. 28
"Asheville is a pretty cool place, a coffee-bar-and-movies-with-subtitles kind of place. I like it. The twon where we officially live is Tently (don't bother; it's not on the map)."

♥Pg. 40
" 'Trust me. There's nothing worse than a bunch of hungry jugglers and mimes. They'll beat you to death with their clubs and do it without a word.' "

♥Pg. 53
" He smiles. 'You can have all the attitude, son. We don't harvest some of these birds, you'll have a worser problem, a lot of disease, not a clean place to walk.'
'Harvest,' I say. 'I think you mean 'kil.' I don't remember planting geese, this year, just the tomatoes.' "

♥Pg. 78
" 'Really beautiful.'
'it is, but it shouldn't me.'
She dimples the surface of the water with the toe of her shoe. 'Why shouldn't it be?'
I shrug. 'Because it's just this white smear of light. It looks like an accident, like an industrial spill.'
'So? What's more beautiful than a beautiful accident?' "

♥Pg. 98
" 'Middle school home ec.'
'Did you wear an apron?' I ask, stifling a giggle at the thought of him in a frilly pink apron, complete with a bow in the back.
'Well, of course, but I assure you, it was a very manly apron.' "

♥Pg. 110
" 'I don't think those are our kind of people Eliot. I mean, her mother, what was her name? She was wearing about eight earrings in one ear.'
'How many earrings do our kind of people wear?' I say.' "

♥Pg. 115
" 'Eliot, right?'
'Yes, sir.'
'Sir, huh? What did I ever do to you? It's 'Abel,' okay?' "

♥Pg. 129
"He's worried about me, I know. Something I'm not used to. It feels uncomfortable and nice all at the same time. Like a wool sweater. It makes me itchy, but I feel all warm inside."

♥Pg. 138
"I'd seen her mom around the Faire, even met her once, and I wanted her to like me. I mean, I live at a Christian camp, and when I to I can bust out the game-show-host smile, and parents always like me. Except, well, my own right now, with the van and all. "

♥Pg. 185
"Every once in a while Delore's tries for the whole I-think-it's-about-time-we-had-a-mother-to-daughter-talk talk. It always comes out forced and scripted like one of those bad after-school specials. Mommy, I'm Dancing with the Devil or Mommy and Daddy Can't Live Together Anymore, But We Still Love YOu. Today's programming seems to indicate that our special is My Daughter Might Be Having a Relationship That I Should Talk to Her About Even Though I Haven't Given Her the Time of Day Since I Am Too Busy with My Own LIfe. That seems a little long, though."

♥Pg. 200
"That's part of the deal with something liek that. Like, a girl could wear a porcupine on her head and a burlap sack for a dress, and she'd say, Do you like it? and if you're the guy you have to say, Yeah it looks great, wow. "

♥Pg. 234
" I could see him, watch him, study him, but he couldn't see me. I guessed that he never would."

♥Pg. 236
" 'Confession is good for the soul, Eliot.'
'Yeah, unless your mother is standing right behind you.' Mom says. "

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed :)

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