Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spoiler: Fearscape by Simon Holt

I really enjoyed this book. That suprised me because the other books in this series weren't my favourite. But as a set the series was amazing. I guess every book has a flaw, but this series is definately one of my favourites. It was visually great. The way I could see everything Holt said in my head was amazing. I honestly thought that Reggie's mom was a Vour.
Reggie: She grew alot as a character throughout the books. I felt like she went from a little girl to a warrior against the Vours. She truely deserved true love like she got but I wish that she also would have given Aaron a shot.
Aaron: He so loves Reggie. I wish that she would have at least tried to date him. It could have worked. I like how he turned from the sidekick to his very own superhero :D
Quinn: I LOVE HIM ♥ He's so amazing and he would do anything to be part of the group. I wish Aaron and him could be friends.
Unger: What an evil bum face! (trying not to swear)
Machen: I'm happy he saw the light :-D
Macie: What a crazy lady. I wish she didn't have to die but that's the way the story line played out.

Favourite Moments and Lines:

♥Pg. 17
"Reggie always had a thing for Quinn, and aparently finding out he wa a homicidal monster hadn't completely obliterated the attraction. That part Aaron really couldn't understand."

♥Pg. 91
" 'What happened there, Regina?' Dr. Unger asked finally. he poised his pencil over a pd of paper, ready to record all pertinent data. But Reggie wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.
'Oh, I think I just fainted. My corset was probably to tight. You know us females- get us too excited and the vapors take us. Whew!' Reggie fanned her fave melodramatically."
♥Pg. 130
" 'Thank you for everything,' she said, climbing into Aaron's car.
'I did try to kill you once,' Machen said. 'I owed you one.' "

♥Pg. 137
" 'You guys have stuff to talk about,' he said. 'I'll just amuse myself in the kitchen or something.'
'Oh, of course,' said Mom, and she pointed to another doorway leading off from the living room. 'In there. Help yourself to whatever you like. Reggie, are you hungry? Do you want anything? Water? Soda?'
A reset button that will give me a new life where my mother isn't a monster from a hell dimension? Is that really too much to ask?"

♥Pg. 144
" 'Are you on drugs, Regina?'
Reggie couldn't help exhaling a laugh.
'You know, sometimes I wish I were.' "

♥Pg. 180
" 'What's the rest of the plan?'
'Figure out what the Vours are plotting, stop it, save the world.' said Reggie.
'So, no biggie, then.' "

♥Pg. 228
" 'He loves you, you know.'
'Of course. I love him, too.'
'I mean, he's in love with you.' "

♥Pg. 311
" 'I don't want to be that scrawny nerd who does other kids' homework anymore. I can't be that guy.'
'I liked that scrawney nerd.'
'Not enough,' Aaron said,"

Hope you enjoyed,

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