Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spoiler: The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

I loved this book. It was very different from other books I've read about World War II. This book shows what was going on in Germany and how the Germans were mislead. They couldn't listen to other radio stations so they only believed what the RPG said. And that was mostly lies. They were lead to believe that Hitler was working for them, but really he was working for his own personal gain. He was a mad man. I loved the way that Susan described the world during the war. I felt like I was watching in spirit, what was happening.
Helmuth was an amazing boy who stood up when everyone else hid. He told the truth and it was wrong that he was excuted for that but it taught people a lesson.
Gerhard was a good brother I believe all and all but he just lost his way. He did what he was told and waited for Hitler's reign to end.
Mutti is another story. I can't believe she fell for Hugo. He is such a loser.
Karl was a brave soul.
Rudi was nervous but I good friend.

Favourite/Memorable Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 6
" 'I'm floating.' he says.
'Then stop
'I can't stop. I'm going to float away, right this minute. Hold on to me, Gerhard.'
'Don't be ridiculous. You're not going to float away.' Ridiculous is oneof Gerhard's favorite words.
'I will too.'
'No you won't. There's such a thing as Gravity. God made that, too, you know.'
'But I am floating,' says Helmuth. He rools toward Gerhard, clutches his arm.
Gerhard pulls away. 'You're ridiculous.' He gives Helmuth a heave, shoves him toward the center of the bed, says in a practical voice, 'When you're old enough to think about infinity, it won't make you float. Now go to sleep.'
'But I like floating,' whispers Helmuth. "

♥Pg. 9
" 'Canit get any worse?' asks Oma
'Only if that lunatic Hitler comes to power,' says Opa. 'That will mean only one thing. War. That warmonger wants to make his mark on history.'
Oma sits next to Opa and says, 'Hitler frightens me. Those crazy eyes of his! And the way he knows exactly how to bring a crowd to hysteria.' "

♥Pg. 24
"The police must be off to arrest Communists, Helmuth assures himself. That's good. Jail is a good place for people who want to destroy the government."

♥Pg. 68
" 'We've got too many Jews as it is. No need to keep the Polish ones, too.'
'Too many Jews?' says Gerhard. 'Germany has sixty million people, and out of that sixty million, only one-half million are Jews.' "

♥Pg. 77
"The world has turned upside down- and yet it feels as though Hitler has been preparing for this moment for a very long time.' "

♥Pg. 92
"Helmuth holds his index finger to is upper lip, mocking Hitler's toothbrush mustache, and goose-steps across the flat. 'Swing music. Verboten,' he says. 'Jitterbug dancing. Verboten. Reading un-German books. Singing un-German songs. Staying out past the ten o'clock. Verboten. Verboten. Verboten.' "

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this spoiler and next book I'll be reading is The Big Burn by Jeanette Ingold.

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