Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spoiler: While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky

This book was a slight let down but only because my mama, bless her heart, built it up so high. I couldn't really go through the emotions that Kathryn was feeling maybe that's because I don't have a child. I couldn't relate to the age group either, the youngest being 27. I did like the Alexis. She was a brave soul but I don't think that her dad was so great. My favourite character, David, was the strongest and the one I have a crush on now :) Molly wasn't who I thought she was going to be but I could see how she was jealous of her sister. Her sister got alot of attention. That brings us to Robin, I thought she was going to be a murderer or something exciting, I guessed that from the beginning that Robin wasn't Charlie's child. I guessed corectly :D Charlie was strong and amazing. Chris was a little bit on the stupid side, but he was happy in the end.
I know that's the characters compressed into a big glump but I don't have much time I'm sorry!

Favourite Lines and Moments:

♥Pg. 16
" 'Robin had a heart attack.'
'Uh, can I call you back?'
'Chris, I need you here now! Mom and Dad don't know yet.'
'Don't know what?'
'That Robin had a heart attack.'

" 'Try calling Mom and Dad.'
'I can't,' She whispered, looking terrified. 'I was supposed to be with her. This was my fault.'
'Like it wouldn't have happened if you'd been waiting five miles down the road? Be real, Molly. Call Mom and Dad.'
'They won't believe me. You didn't.'
She was right. But he didn't want to call. 'You're better with mom than I am. You'll know what to say.'
'You're older, Chris. You're the man.' "

♥Pg. 42
" ' The MRI shows severe brain damage.'
Sharing her mother's desperation, Molly turned to the neurologist. 'Can't you shock her or something?'
'No. Dead tissue can't respond.' "

♥Pg. 132
" 'You're fired.'
Liz looked startled. Your mother won't stand for that.'
'If she has to choose between the two of us, she will.
Liz stared. 'Not a good move on your part. You need my goodwill.'
"well, we disagree about that, too. Snow Hill's reputation goes a long way in the goodwill department. If you'd like to tell people how bad I am, be my guest. You've only lived in this area for two year. people here have known me all my life. Besides, I might be worried if I were looking for a job, but I'm not. You're the one doing that.' "

♥Pg. 222
"It was a week before he got up the nerve- his words, confessed much later- to ask her out, at which point she told him she was pregnant. he felt a moment's qualm- another belated confession- wondering whether she was looking for a soul mate or a father for her child, before deciding that Kathryn was worth it either way. When he simplycame back and asked what kind of food sat best in her stomach, she knew he was a keeper."

♥Pg. 263
" 'We've, uh had some differences lately. She says i don't talk enough.'
'Maybe you don't.'
'You never did.'
Charle slid him a puzzled look. 'I talked enough.'
'I never heard it.'
'Were you in the bedroom with Mom and me?' "

♥Pg. 327
" 'Mom?'
'Where are you?'
'Just got home. What's wrong?'
Kathryn might have laughed hysterically. Where to start? 'Think you can come pick me up?'
'Of course.'
'Not at the hospital. I had a little accident. You'll have to kind of look for me.'
'Accident?' Molly cried in alarm.
'I'm fine. I hit a tree.'
'I'm fine, Molly. Really. I'm walking around. Nothing hurts.' "

Hope you enjoyed this blurb of words :P
Sidny ♥♪♫

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