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Spoiler: The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa De La Cruz

This book was so much better than I anticipated. After reading Revelations I was so disappointed I figured that the Blue Bloods Series was on it's spiral down, and while this book wasn't perfect it certainly wasn't worse than the last one. I loved that we got to learn more about the Blue Bloods in ancient history, not just in the New World. I liked learning about the events in Rome and how Melissa De La Cruz makes history seem more like a mystery than fact. It makes a person wonder at the truth of history recordings.
Let's talk...

Bliss: During this book I found Bliss to be a little dimwitted. I got that she was being taken over by Lucifer, but calling him the Visitor and thinking that he couldn't figure out she was doing was dumb. The fact that when she wasn't being controlled she went and got a manicure was pathetic, I thought that she was better than that but in this book she seemed kind of like Mimi in that sense. I was happy when she used Michael's sword to be rid of the "Visitor" I wonder what she is now though: human or Blue Blood?

Schuyler: I figured that Jack and her would end up together together at some point. They just seem like they're made for each other even though Mimi is Jack's "soul mate" I was mad that Schuyler fell in "love" with Oliver. I really think that he was more of a brother to her than anything else and she played him pretty bad. I was happy that Oliver saw what was happening and decided to give her up. I'm curious about her gatekeeper mission though.

Mimi: I think that if Kingsley had lived she would have ended up with him for sure rather than Jack. They just seem more suited for each other. They both need someone to knock them off their pedestals. I do wish that she would stop fighting for Jack though. She feel in love with another just like him, so why can't she just let it go?

Jack: I think that Jack made the right choice running off with Schuyler. I love them together! I doubt it will last to long though if Mimi has her way.

Oliver: Poor guy has had a rough life, I think he would have been better off remaining in the friend zone. Maybe him and Bliss???

Kingsley: Although Kingsley was at times a jerk I think that he was one of my favorite characters. Who doesn't love a bad boy?

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 53
"He drank coffee like some vampires drank blood."

♥Pg. 99
"In a way the chase invigorated her: running so fast, using her vampire muscles and exerting them in ways they had never been used- by god he was fast! But I am faster, she though."

♥Pg. 186
" 'Prove it!' she hissed. 'Prove you are who you say!'
'We don't have time for this! You really want me to prove who I am?' he asked.
'Yes!' she challenged.
In answer, he took her in his arms, lifting her up and against the wall. He pressed his lips against hers, and with each kiss she could see into his mind, into his soul."

♥Pg. 223
"They had both learned to cook while on the run. Oliver's specialty was an Indian banana-and-chicken curry, while Schuyler liked to make interesting concoctions out of pasta and whatever she could find in the fridge. (Sometimes Oliver said they were too interesting.)"

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