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Spoiler: You Against Me by Jenny Downham

I haven't read a Jenny Downham book since the start of this blog, and I didn't think that she could have done a better job than Before I Die, but You Against Me blew me away. I don't know how Jenny comes up with such unique ideas. All I can think of is how she finds inspiration. I have never read a book before shown from both sides of a criminal and the victim, especially since it's from people close to those characters. In this book I found myself wondering if I was just a hopeless romantic or if everyone whose read this book wanted Ellie and Mikey to get together. Feel free to comment your opinion below :)

Mikey: Mikey is kind of the troubled kid. He has a rough family and he doesn't seem to have had a lot of opportunities in life. I thought of him as the brother that I never had at the beginning. Trying his very best to take care of everyone and the situation they're put in. He's not perfect, but he's doing his best. I love that he has a goal to be a chef, it's sexy when men cook. In the end I'm happy that he and Ellie end up together, it's sweet and perfect.

Ellie: I really like Ellie. She is a real girl, she has problems dealing with what's happening to her family and she doesn't act like she's ok all the time. I'm happy that she tells the truth, because how would she deal with conscious after her brother got away from jail? I think she has to big of a heart to let Karyn suffer like that. It just wouldn't be fair. I was mad when she said that she deleted the pictures off of Tom's computer, but it makes sense that she didn't want them getting spread around.

Karyn: I wasn't sure if Karyn was lying at first, but then I realized that she wouldn't be holed up at home all the time if she was lying, she'd be out and about. I think she is a poor girl who made a few mistakes and ended up in a horrible situation. When Ellie tells the police what happened I couldn't help but cry for Karyn.

Tom: What I sick boy? I know that many guys take advantage of girls when they've had to much, but to then deny it and send threatening texts is not only cowardly but wrong. I was surprised that Jenny Downham made him such a normal character, he wasn't a serial killer, or a freak he was just your average boy next door. I think that he might have ended up confessing if it hadn't been for his father's encouraging him to fight. I hope he rots in jail!

Mikey's Mom: It's safe to say that Mikey's mom has a drink problem and not a small one. I was so mad when she said that she wished that Karyn had kept her problems to herself, but at the end she was doing as everyones' mom should and taking care of her.

Jacko: I was so mad when he was hitting on Karyn, but maybe a normal and healthy teenage relationship would be good for both of them.

Ellie's Mom: I couldn't believe how she just took orders from Ellie's dad. Just being the good little wife who made dinner, and cleaned. It's the twenty first century for Pete sakes!

Ellie's Dad: I really don't like this man. He makes Ellie feel like junk for telling the truth. He should be reassuring to both of his children instead of just sticking up for Tom, the no good rapist. He frustrates me!

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 116
"She recognized that male bravado from Tom, convincing yourself at the same time as you8 convinced everyone else. Her dad did it with maps."

♥Pg. 290
"Every girl knows if you get into a situation with a boy who has had sex already, then he will want to have sex with you. He will push at your boundaries. If you say no to a boy like this, he will try and get you to change your mind."

♥Pg. 337
"'When i thought Ellie set me up for a kicking and when I didn't see her for ages and thought she didn't care, I went nuts. I didn't want to get up, or go to work, or anything, and I'm sorry about that, mate, I can see how crap it was for you, but I was terrified I'd never see her again. I like her that much.'"

♥Pg. 379
"'She's got Holly a place in an after-school club.'
 'I'm going to do football and street dancing,' Holly told him.
 'At the same time?'"

Thanks for reading,
Sidny xoxo

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