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Spoiler: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

As I said in the book review above, I was overjoyed that this book was different than the other books I’ve read about angels/ part angels. It’s not that those books weren’t good, it’s just that copy cats make me extremely mad. But Cynthia Hand wrote a book that is all her own. This book isn’t all about finding out who Clara is, it’s about what she’s supposed to do after she knows. We don’t have to go through her trying to figure out why there are wings growing out of her back which is fantastic, because then I get mad and yell at the book (that sounds crazier than I meant it to). I loved the way we get to see supernatural teens somewhere that’s not a city. I feel in love with the mountains as we got to explore them when Clara went out with Tucker. I feel like I can close my eyes and visualize how Jackson Hole looks.

Clara: To be honest I was surprised that she chose Tucker in the end; I was hoping that she would because I have never read a book where an angel falls for a cowboy. It’s fantastic. I don’t know if they’ll get to stay together, since she didn’t complete her purpose, which I’m guessing was to fall in love with Christian. I wonder what it means that she didn’t, I guess I’ll have to find book 2.

Tucker: I love him. I thought he was just a jerk at first, maybe an angel hunter (how I got that idea, I’m not sure). Obviously Clara fell for him, because everyone knows that girls love country boys, or maybe it’s just girls like me. Mostly, I’m impressed that he accepts Clara for who she is.

Christian: I know he’s that hot guy, that everyone loves. But who saw him being an angel? Seriously? I was impressed. I wonder what there purpose really was then, if the didn’t have to save each other. Hopefully things work out for him.

Clara’s Mom: I could have slapped her for “making” Clara break up with Tucker. So what if he isn’t the man she’s supposed to be with. Pretty sure it’s still Clara’s life.

Angela: I don’t particularly care for her, I think there’s something off. Like maybe the Italian boy she was getting all dressed up for was really a Dark Wing and he has some power over her. So far she’s been a good friend, I just hope that she supports the Tucker decision.

Wendy: I feel horrible that she’s left in the dark. I’m sure eventually she’s gonna find out. I don’t see how she won’t.

Kay: I wonder if she’ll come back to haunt Clara?

Moments to Remember:
♥Pg. 29
“He points up the street where a line of people stand waiting to get into the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.
‘Sure, and I’ll buy you a beer, too.’ Mom says.

♥Pg. 97
“’Hey, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now,’ he says.
 ‘Yeah, like making chicken soup for poor widdle Kay,’ teases the other guy.
 Christian shakes his head. ‘You mock, but women love soup. More than flowers. Trust me.’”

♥Pg. 148
“Mom told us that we’re special, but what kind of ‘gift’ comes with a war between angels as the strings attached? Maybe I don’t want any more taken from me either. Maybe I don’t want to be remarkable, don’t want to fly or speak some bizarre angel language or save the world one hot guy at a time. I just want to be human.”

♥Pg. 197
“The look that passes between Jeffrey and Kimber right then feels like it requires a swell of cheesy music in the background. Aw, I think. Baby brother’s in love. I also find this kind of gross.”

♥Pg. 350
“So, I’m in love. That crazy, forget to eat, float around in a daze, talk on the phone all night and bounce out of bed every morning hoping to see him kind of love.”

Thanks for reading,
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