Monday, October 21, 2013

Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great Monday (or is that an oxymoron?). 
So this morning I had an idea about a getting to know you session. I thought since most of you only know anything about me from book reviews/spoilers it would be fun for you to realize that I'm real. And for those who are ticked off that this isn't a book review, I apologize but swear that I am still reading. More than ever!

1. I live in a rural town in Manitoba, Canada. I'm well aware that many people have an idea what Canadian citizens are all about, but no I don't ride a polar bear anywhere, nor have I ever seen one. Sorry for the disappointment. 

2. I work in a grocery store part time. Maybe this isn't an interested fact about my life, but it's a good reason for anyone to realize why I can't read a book in 2 days. Damn this need for money. What department do I work in you ask? The produce department. (Ps. I know no one actual asked, but ha word vomit).

3. I sang in a Performing Arts Class band for 3 years. Was I good? Probably not. Was it fun? YOU BET! I love music, almost as much as books (who am I joking?) and think that it helps us connect with who we really are.

4. I repel technology.  I'm not even joking. I've had to take my laptop in 3 times in the past 6 months. Mainly because I had no idea what it was doing. Not to mention that I broke my first cell phone within a year of having it. I don't mean send it away to get fixed broken, I mean busted beyond repair.

5. I am obsessed with writing letters. I know that writing emails and texting are way quicker, but I love the idea of getting a handwritten something in the mail. Yes, I'm into snail mail.

6. I'm planning to go to college next year for Early Childhood Education. I love working with kids, and this seemed like a great career for me so after a lot of deliberation  I decided on a school and have sent away my application and other necessities. Wish me luck!

7. I am fashionably clueless. I am not the girl who does her hair or spends hours deciding what to wear. Fortunately for me, my sister knows the ins and outs of fashion and is always there to offer her opinion. 

8. Reading is a family thing. It's been linked that parents who read often to their children are often to have children who like to read. Makes sense right? And that's how I was raised. My whole family reads. My mom reads adult fiction and quite often will pass me a book if she loved it. My dad is that guy who reads old paperback westerns. And my little sister? She's the Kate from Kate's Chioce and lately she's been moving into the young adult section right beside me. 

9. My new obsession is Netflix. I found it and now I'm stuck. Anyone else out there who just can't get enough. (This is not a product endorsement, pinkyswear). 

10. I adore classic literature. I love all the old books and while they are different to read and are sometimes a bit tricky to read, the words just seem to flow in such a beautiful way. And so a new feature on Books, My Quiet Friends. The Classic Book of the month. Octobers is Poems of Edgar Allan Poe selected by Dwight Macdonald. I thought the gruesomeness of Edgar Allan Poe would definitely fit Halloween. So there ya go.

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Thanks for reading,
Sidny xoxo 

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