Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spoiler: Black Heart by Holly Black

As I mentioned above, this is the third book in the curseworkers series. I really enjoyed this book. It has expanded so much since the first one. White Cat seems like it was read so long ago, and I can’t imagine not getting to this point, so I’m happy I didn’t give up on them. This book really goes in depth as to what the government treats the curseworkers as. I think that in many cases as soon as they find out someone is a worker, if they’re not useful for some other reason (assassination anyone?) then they are treated as though they have already done something wrong, which may be true but what if it’s not? I especially was interested in the….

♥Cassel: Wow, has he ever grown up since the first book we’ve read. I actually like him a lot more now. I can think of him as an adult, instead of a kid stuck in a tough situation. I loved that he found away around the government and managed to get Patton out of office. Smart choice sir, I tip my figurative hat to you. I never even thought of that as an option. As well, I applaud you for getting Lila, took you long enough, but such things make a good series. I do wonder about how things will go if they make another book, I would be impressed if there was one. Hint, hint. I wonder how the rest of the characters are gonna cope with his disappearance especially. Like things weren’t already confusing between Barron, Sam and Daneca what happens when Cassel just *poof* disappears.
Lila: I wasn’t sure if she was still cursed or not when she got together with Cassel, but it seems like it was love from the start. And I like that she’s a woman who gets to call the shots in a relationship. You go girl, even if you are a criminal. Ps. Totally supporting the fact that you took Cassel into hiding with you. Even though I saw it coming.
Sam: He really went through stuff with this whole breakup with Daneca thing. Not to mention getting shot in the leg, but I love this big teddy bear.
Daneca: Dating Barron seemed like a dick move, let’s be honest here. But I almost liked them. Because….
Barron: seemed to change around her. Is it possible that he did? I really do wonder though. What do you think?
Zacharov: I think that Cassel’s Mom and this dude would make a great couple. Maybe if she finds him the resurrection diamond that she urm… borrowed.
Yulikova: Hard to believe that I would think someone from this alternate universes FBI would be more evil than the mob boss but surprise. She is just wrong in her ways of thinking, Cassel is a human, not a weapon. So there!

♥Moments To Remember♥
♥Pg. 78
“’Your family is badass,’ Sam says ‘They set a high bar of badassery.’”

♥Pg. 90
“’No, no. Sit down, Cassel. I’m fine.’
  I grab a chair. ‘I don’t mean to pry,’ I say, ‘but we’re in a hospital. You sure you’re fine?’
 She sighs heavily. ‘No getting anything past you, huh?’”

♥Pg. 185
“’Cassel Sharpe: boy assassin.’ He shakes his head. ‘You should have your own comic book.’
  I grin. ‘Only if you’ll be my runty spandex-wearing sidekick.’”

♥Pg. 278
“Barron hands me a cup of coffee.
 ‘Black, like your soul,’ he says with a grin.”

♥Final Line: "The big score." 

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