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Spoiler: Passion by Lauren Kate

This series is such an interesting topic for me. I think that the world has moved on from the vampire faze and has moved into one of fallen angels. And some of them I love. This series is capturing my heart the more I read, as it is not only about fallen angels, it includes the idea of curses and reincarnation. That idea is quite fascinating. The idea that there is a chance that humans could come back is something, I believe, everyone wonders about from time to time. Anywho, this book involves Luce’s travel through time. Seeing all her reincarnates of herself falling in love with Daniel. I loved it! The way that she falls in love with him over and over again, doesn’t seem like a curse. She gets to know what true love is in every life. I did feel guilty that he has to live on without her over and over. She dies and forgets him, but he continues living with the memory of her and the pain in his heart, waiting for her to return to him. I loved that the times were illustrated by Lauren Kate, and it brought some interesting historical facts to the series.

♥Luce:  She has really grown up since the first book, and in this book I was glad to see that she was starting to make her own choice and fend for herself. Figuring out her past was obviously important to her and it made all the difference in the romance aspect for the series. I was really disappointed that she trusted “Bill” without any thought. If someone is lurking in a portal waiting for you, and he knows your name, would you just take his advice without thinking? She knew people were out to get her after the Outcasts attacked her backyard in the last book and yet she is still so trusting. That was what really frustrated me. I was also shocked when she almost killed herself, I can see why she did it though. If you could save your loved ones from a great amount of pain, wouldn’t you if you truly loved them?
Daniel: The way he follows her through time is impressive. It must be hard for him as well to watch her die for a second time at most of the locations he lands. But I guess it’s forever in his memory anyway. I couldn’t stop laughing in the England scenario when he walked in and started yelling at the wrong Luce, that was hilarious. I love him, and am happy that his overbearing behaviour is finally over. That was just silly. As well, not surprised to learn that him and Cam were brothers, had to be a family thing. It just felt right.
Cam:  I knew he wasn’t always evil. It just had been a change after some time. I was surprised to see that the reason was a girl. But it just goes to show that everyone is capable of love. Well except maybe Satan.
Bill/Satan:  Lucky for this guy, Luce was really na├»ve in this life so he had a chance to get to her. Let’s hope they can stop this plan other wise it’s curtains for most of my favourite characters.
I decided not to include some of the passing through characters, because I felt that these were the most important. Anyone you wanna talk about from this book, feel free to comment below.

♥Moments to Remember♥
♥Pg. 60
“’Virgil?’ Luce asked, having a flashback to sophomore English. ‘As in the guy who led Dante through the nine circles of Hell?’
 ‘That’s the one. He’s so by the book, it’s a snooze. Anyway, you and I aren’t sojourning through Hell right now,’ he explained with a shrug. ‘Tourist season.”’

♥Pg. 120
“’I can’t believe this. How could they? This is my responsibility-‘
 ‘Free will.’ Cam shrugged. ‘It’s all the rage these days.’”

♥Final Line: “And though she couldn’t imagine tomorrow, Luce stepped into Daniel’s arms and said, ‘Always.’”

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