Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spoiler: The White Rose by Amy Ewing

So this was a book I picked up because I enjoyed the first one and hadn't read a dystopian like this in a long time. I thought that the world was interesting and seeing different kinds of servitude to a ruler was interesting to me. The idea of companions and surrogates was interesting to me. In this book we learned so much more about the world how regimentals are taken, as well as ladies in waiting. It was interest and sad to see a world where there was so little choice in what you became, where the rich keep getting rich and the poorer are continual losing loved ones and lives. I think that the author does a very good job of getting a reader interested in different aspects of the world, but around the last 2 hours of the audiobook I found myself getting bored with where this story was going. And while the author tried to write a surprising ending, I wasn't surprised by what happened and guessed it within the last half an hour of the audiobook. For these reasons I thought this book was ok, it was good but not my favourite dystopian of all time.

Violet: I think that Violet started to find peace with herself and what she had to do. But at the same time I found her a frustrating character because she was constantly saying it was time for answers she just got the bare minimum but then kept getting angry about it. I also thought she made many poor choices. I'm interested to see how her sister's kidnapping will change her, I can't see a way it won't.

Ash: To have to leave your sister to die when you are helping so many others can not be easy, but to see him without a purpose is so frustrating. Not quite as frustrating as people not taking his need for help seriously. Companions don't ask for what they get either. They aren't given a choice.

Raven: To see her so week and so different was scary, but also important to remind the reader what they were fighting against. I was surprised that she didn't want to learn what the other elemental powers were, but I can see how she would be frightened after all she's been through.

Sil: I'm not sure if this is how you spell her name, but I listened to the audiobook so I'm just guessing. She's a weathered woman. She's seen things that no person should ever have to and has lived through the building of a revolution I only hope she gets to see a better world.

Lucien: His story was another one that broke my heart. To hear that his father sold him out so similar to how Ash's family sold him out broke me. It was hard to see that they couldn't see eye to eye. They have no reason to fight, they should remember who they are really trying to fight but we'll see how well that works out.

Garnett: I wonder what made him really turn to the Black Key and could he be the weak link? It's sad to think that that's possible, but he didn't really get what he wanted out of the deal, he still had to marry the boring teacup lady.

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