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Spoiler: Like A River Glorious by Rae Carson

Like A River Glorious is the second book in the Gold Seer Trilogy by Rae Carson and we follow our main character Lee building a new home with her family and finding her own in the California. We follow her adventures and unfortunate circumstances the characters in our story go through. I think the author did a very good job of picking up right where she left off. I thought that it was interesting to see our characters starting a new home and becoming a new kind of family. The characters seemed to stay true to who they were and I loved that they were interesting and unique to other characters in this time. I also enjoyed the story line. I think that it was important that things weren't perfect, there were accidents, and people leaving. As well as, how the villain returns. I loved the mystery of what happened with Lee's mother and Hiram. It really makes you wonder if she is his daughter by blood. It was sad to see the camp change after people left and passed on, but I see why this was an important aspect in this story. I won't lie, I cried all the same. And what will happen after such a dramatic ending?

Leah: I thought that Leah was so strong in the last book, and I was right she was. But I found her need to be too independent in this book to be troublesome. Especially after being captured and when Jefferson asks for her hand throughout the book. I did think that it was about time they got together in this story, but at the same time when you can't own anything or have your name on something because you're a lady... ugh I live a very lucky life to not have to think about things like this. I was very proud of Leah for taking down her uncle, helping those who were trapped in the camp and taking care of her new family. I wonder what will happen with her change in her magic as well, should be interesting to see how the author takes this story to the next book and the next level. 

Jefferson: He's grown from a boy to a man. I thought it was very interesting to see how he changed his proposals every time. I thought it was extremely endearing to see him stick up for Leah even after she brushes him off so many times. He is strong enough to deal with what he saw and stood up for what was right even though it was far from easy. I wonder where his path will take him.

Tom: I think that he's an interesting character to look into. It's interesting to see how the college boys act and how those around them accept it. Not that there's anything wrong with whatever sexuality you believe in. But that being said, during this time it would be rare to have this accepted in society.

Hiram: He's a real son of a gun. I hate him. He's horrible to everyone around him but I can't help but wonder what happened between him and Leah's mother. Is it true that they had one last night together? Or did he take advantage of her? I also wonder what happened to make her mother change her mind and marry Reuben.. there's a lot of things that are going unanswered. To see how he treated those around him as well as those in his care broke me a little bit. It's horrible to think that this was often the sad truth as North America progressed. 

Muskrat: I hope that he made it out of the fray, he did what was right for his people, it's a shame that he lost so many before they made it to any form of freedom. 

Dilley: I won't lie, I'm glad he died. He deserved it. This character showed his true form of evil in this book for sure. 

Tug: I didn't like him at first but he grew on me. I hope that he doesn't get too angry when Leah and Jeff get married, but it was bound to happen.

Mary: What she went through to get to freedom was horrible. To have to sleep with men, be beaten, abused and kidnapped... I can't even imagine. I do wonder what will happen next in her story. 

Wilhelm: What is this man's story? How did he get caught up with Hiram and Dilley?

Mr. Hardwick: I don't trust this man as far as we can throw him. He just doesn't seem like a good guy overall. I hope that he disposes of Hiram though as Leah requested.

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 143
"'I think you're in love with me,'' he says.
I stare at his lips. What comes out of my mouth is: "Jefferson McCauley Kingfisher, you have the swagger of a rooster and the swelled head of a melon.'"

Pg. 209
"'What now?' I ask.
He gestures toward the cabin.
'Again? All day?' I hate being cooped up, doing nothing. I've never spent an idle day in my life, and it makes me fit to burst.
He just frowns.
'Well, don't talk so fast. I can hardly understand you.'"

Pg. 250
"Well, I'm going to interfere. I'm going to interfere plenty."

Final Line: "'Never call me that again.'"

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