Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spoiler: The Winner's Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

What a good way to start the reading month! Boom! I was looking forward to wrapping up this trilogy but also nervous about all my fictional loves in this book. This series had a way of tearing the reader apart... in a good way. I loved the writing of the romance and the political drama. The characters and the interesting choices that the author made to set this book apart (a girl whose power lies in her smarts, having "savages" enslave the cultured society, etc). I really enjoyed the drama in the first two books and was a little disappointed how Kestrel chose to fight physically more in this book, although it made sense.

Kestrel: So I thought for sure when she lost her memory I was gonna hate this book, I thought that the time in the mine was slow and while the dual perspectives kept me interested it was frustrating how long it took Arin to realize what the hell had happened. None the less, I think it really worked wonders for their relationship. I also mentioned how I was unsure when she kept using physical combat during the war, but in the end, she used her strategizing to win the war for everyone. Very impressed and love her to the end.

Arin: This guy gets me. He is hot and amazing and a martyr which for some reason gets me. I really thought that it was interesting to see how he kept Kestrel at a distance and while he was heart broken after she rescued him. I thought for sure he would throw a pity party but he was patient and got her to fall for him again. Ladies and gentleman, I fell with him. I would do literally anything for him.

Roshar: He is hilarious and wonderful. I did wonder about how he used his humour so much during the war, but he kept this story light and funny. It was great, I hope that he finds love in his lands with his freaking tiger.

Risha: What a badass.

The Emporer: Perfect ending for him. I loved it! I thought that it was incredible.

Verex: The fact that he still tried to help Kestrel, even after she was a "traitor". I hope that he finds happiness with Risha.

The General: He will learn to forgive himself and her, I'm sure.

The Queen: She thought she was so smart huh? You'd get the land if your brother owned it, but your brother is even smarter. So suck it! I'm not her biggest fan... obviously.

Moments to Remember:
There were alot I didn't mark so I'm just going to put the final line.... should I end this section???

Final Line: "'Play.'"

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