Monday, June 12, 2017

Spoiler: Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes

These retellings are really starting to grow on me. This book follows our main character Dinah, Princess of Wonderland soon to be Queen of Hearts. Or at least that's what we all thought. Dinah goes through quite a few struggles in this book, dealing with the loss of her mother, the hatred of her father, the madness of her brother and the introduction to a new sister. One who seems to be favoured by the majority of the people, including her father. I really enjoyed the twists this book had on the classic, making some characters more relevant in palace life by changing their appearance and ranking in Wonderland. I also loved how Colleen Oakes created a beautiful palace, as well as the towers filled with horror. Amazing writing. I did not enjoy the love interest very much but understood why it was necessary. I also wasn't a huge fan of the twist of her crown being taken (um duh, saw that one coming a mile away). I also have some theories concerning the rest of the book. One being that Faina was Vittore's mother.

Dinah: She is a strong character, but at the start of this book very much does what she pleases when she pleases which was frustrating to read about. Especially with the naive attitude that everything in Wonderland was good. It was great in fact. It was sad to watch her go through so much and not know who to trust. As well as getting to know the fact that her father was the real villain in all of this, or was he?

Vittore: I honestly think that she was abducted and being used to get rid of Dinah and give the kingdom an heir so they didn't have to worry about Dinah leaving. I also think that we'll get to know so much more of her backstory in the next book. Can hardly wait.

Faina: I strongly believe that Faina was Vittore's mother. And she suffered for her daughter, and her daughter suffered for her. What will her death mean for Wonderland? What whispering did she hear?

The King: I don't know if he was always this way or someone corrupted his thoughts. At this point anything is possible. But he is an evil man and I can't wait to see Dinah go to battle with him.

Harris: I hoped that he survived the interrogation that I'm sure he got after Dinah's running away.

Charles: He met a horrible end, but I wonder about his life as well. What did he know? What did he want from life? Were his riddles predictions? I also wonder if he got some sap from the Black Towers fed to him to add to his madness.

Wardley: He was an amazing main character and love interest. I wonder what he will do without Dinah there? Or was he helping a darker cause? Will he be in the towers? Ahh!

Davianna: Once again I want her story. How did she end up with the King and what was her life like?

Cheshire: I don't know what to think of this asshole. I think that he's on the king's side, but what if he was the guy in the bedroom... ugh.

Moments to Remember:
Final Line: "'How fine you look when dressed in rage.'"

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