Saturday, June 10, 2017

Spoiler: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

What a fun reread to start the month with? I think this book helped to remind me why I read middle grade. Rick Riordan's writing style and humour held me interested throughout the storyline and I can't wait to continue on with his books. I hope to reread this series and start the next series at some point this year.. is that a reasonable goal? I think this story makes learning about myths more interesting and helps younger readers see what the Gods looked like and could look like throughout the years. I also really love the story arch in this first book. My one complaint is that Percy is so freaking young. I thought he was 16, and me being 22 made me see that 12 years old is a little young to be taking quests and such. Although the teenage angst was all I could wish for and more. Can't wait to read the second book in this series.

Percy: A hilarious main character. I forgot how he was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. I think that this was an interesting concept for Rick Riordan to bring up, and might help young readers identify themselves as a hero rather than someone who might need a little help (does that make sense). I loved his angsty and how he was introduced to the world so the reader could follow some of the main events. 

Annabeth: She is a real spit fire and I can appreciate that. I do wonder how her summer with her father will go. She seems to have a troubled past and I wonder what will happen after this quest.

Grover: Loved him. Reminded me of some of the people I knew in middle school and his character has to be one of my favourites in the series as far as I remember.

Hades: I won't lie I still picture the Disney version whenever this character is mentioned. I can't wait to see more of him. 

Poseidon: His description is amazing. I do wonder about his romance with Percy's mother and how his life will interact with Percy's.

Ares: As we all know, kind of a dink.

Zeus: This guy has the right to yell at people for fathering children... um, pardon you, sir.

Dionysus: Love the sass and lack of caring. Exactly what I expected from his character.

Luke: He makes for a kick ass villain I can't remember what his role plays throughout the series so I can't wait to read on and see him again. 

Favourite Lines:

Final Line: "I asked Argus to take me down to cabin three, so I could pack my bags for home."

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