Saturday, August 3, 2013

Book Review: First Impressions

Title: First Impressions
Adapted by: Melinda Metz and Laura J. Burns
Series: Everwood
Pages: 228
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Year Published: 2004

“Ephram Brown has a pretty good life in New York City- great friends, a gift for playing the piano, and a really cool mom. The only thing he doesn’t have is the best relationship with his dad, famous neurosurgeon Dr. Andy Brown. How could he when the great Dr. Brown is too busy saving lives to spend any time with him?
 Then Ephram’s mom dies suddenly in a car accident. And, as if things couldn’t get any worse, his father loses his mind and decides to move the family to a time town in Colorado called Everwood. There are good things about living in the sticks, though. Well, one thing, anyway- Amy Abbott. She is beautiful and cool and Ephram falls for her immediately. The catch? Amy has a boyfriend who’s in a coma- and Ephram’s dad, ironically might be the only one who can save him…”

My Rating: 4/5

  First off, this book is based on a tv show so it was harder one to rate. Not because I’ve watched it but rather because I had to remember that this book was adapted from scripts.
  I think for the time this is a good book. I feel as though the characters could easily be real and while there is over stated drama, there is some of the normal teenage drama as well. My favourite part of this book has got to be the setting. Being from a small town, I can totally connect with the small town life described in this book. How everyone knows about each other, either based on what you’ve left or in some other cases what your parents have left for your name. I can definitely relate with the latter. I also loved the small high school thing, definitely reminds me of home. That’s something I can surely visualize better than New York. Having grown up in a similar scenario.


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