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Spoiler: Moving On

I think this book expanded from the first one with the characters finding out who they are. We definitely see a change between Ephram and his father grow closer after secrets are shared and things are explained. I do want to know what exactly happened with Ephram’s mom, but I’m curious. I also feel like with Colin awaking all the teens had to turn into adults. They have to start  realizing that just because he woke up doesn’t mean he could just hop back into life and that’s a difficult thing to deal with. Another big topic in this book is guilt. I felt so bad for Andy during this book because of how he didn’t do all he good to save Colin, but that’s not what Colin wanted. He didn’t want to be a handicapped and have people throw their life away for his when he wouldn’t even notice. In a way I think that’s brave.



Ephram- I feel like Ephram is starting to accept the fact that his mother is gone and as sad and awful as it is, he can’t go back in time. I’m happy that he’s throwing himself back into the music. And since that’s his passion that’s really important. Passion is what makes or breaks you. Between his passion and talent I think he has a chance to make it to the big leagues. I feel awful that he’s in the friend zone with Amy but she was waiting on someone in a coma, she wasn’t just gonna leave him as soon as he woke up and go for Ephram. I am proud that he told his dad about what was going on with Colin, because obviously Colin wasn’t himself. It was scary. And surprisingly although Ephram was threatened by Colin he had the guts to go and tell someone about it. I was impressed.

Amy- I just don’t understand her. She gives Ephram so many ideas that they would and should get together, ex. Kissing, talking through things, dancing together. Just to friend zone him. Even after Colin’s death she moves on quickly but to someone who doesn’t even seem to care about her. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I hope that she can move on from Colin, but I also was hoping that someone would have let her know that before the accident Colin didn’t want to be with her anymore. Oh well, I guess she’ll be ok after time and maybe if she gets to see the real world for what it is.

Colin- I was surprised that he died, but really he was going kind of nuts about things. I didn’t realize that after you come out a coma, violent behaviour is a symptom. I think that without the surgery that killed him Colin would have gotten progressively worse until he would have had to been institutionalized. I mean what if Amy said something that didn’t sit with him so well. Would he just hit her like he destroyed the coaches office, or put his hand through his truck window? I’m not happy he died, but not having the surgery wasn’t an option.

Andy- I can understand how he felt guilty about what happened with Colin, but he was doing what Colin asked and that was probably the best for everyone. That way Amy didn’t waste her life praying for her miracle boy to come back. I’m extremely happy that he finally got the confidence for telling Ephram the truth about his mother.

Bright- I feel bad for him. He lost his best friend and in some ways his sister. He lost Colin before he passed away. Really Colin couldn’t be expected to be the person he was before the accident. I mean he had a brain injury and was out for at least half a year. I hope that he and Ephram become friends that don’t involve him spying on Amy but I doubt that will happen.

Delia- She must have such a hard time with people constantly acting like her dad is a murderer. That’s not fair to do to a kid. No matter what the parents did it doesn’t mean that the kid should receive the punishment. That goes for everyone.

Madison- Is it just me or do guys seem to find babysitters hot? It just seems like it’s a common reoccurrence. I feel bad that Ephram thinks that he can make it work, that’s just ridiculous. I mean he kissed her and she seemed pretty grossed out so why would you go back and keep trying. I mean persistence has it place, but I don’t think it works that way with women. Besides in some ways she’s pretty condescending. I wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who was telling me what to eat, and what to do.

Laynie- I think that she could have had Ephram if the timing wasn’t so bad. He’s just so obsessed with Amy that he can’t even think about other girls so it appears. But maybe just maybe this will be a future what if.


Moments to Remember:♥


“’For your information, he approached me.’
  Amy blinked, clearly surprised. ‘He did? Why? I mean… why?’
 ‘I don’t know. Maybe he thinks I’m pretty,’”


“’Don’t get me wrong. I love my brother to death and I cried like a bunny to know I was still in his head somewhere,’ Laynie said. ‘But ever since that truck flipped… my entire life has been about him.’
 ‘I wasn’t aware bunnies did much crying,’”

♥Pg. 78

“’Look, I’m gonna mess this thing up eventually, ‘cause that’s just what I do,’ he said, opting for honesty. ‘But please give me a real chance to mess it up. I mean, I’m capable of such stupidity that you’d be wasting my talent to end this now. Go out with me tomorrow night. Let me take you somewhere nice. I’m completely terrible on the second date. You shouldn’t miss it if you have the chance. Please.’”

♥Pg. 185

“’Can I go to a frat party tonight?’
His father blinked. ‘A frat party?’
‘Yes. There’s going to be drinking, drugs, unprotected sex,’ Ephram said, enjoying the look on his father’s face. ‘I’ll probably be the youngest person there. Besides, I don’t wanna go. I have to.’”


♥Pg. 199

“’So what’s your flaw?’ Ephram asked.
 ‘My looks,’ Bright said, causing Ephram to roll his eyes. ‘I know it seems hard to believe, but being this attractive comes at a cost. For one thing, no one ever takes you seriously. Not to mention the constant grooming.’
 ‘There are so many things wrong with this conversation,’”


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