Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spoiler: Shadows by Ilsa J. Bick

Last sentence: “’Black,’ Tom said. ‘It feels black.’”

This book wasn’t all that I hoped for the series, but none the less it definitely caught my attention. I really enjoy apocalypse books, mainly because none of us are really sure what the future holds, we’re really at a loss for future predictions. Some say the end is coming, others are not so sure. This causes pre suspense for the book. I believe as humans we love the unknown, it frightens and holds us at attention. Ilsa J. Bick just builds on this with fantastic writing. I also enjoy the fact that it’s gory. I know that’s weird for a girl to say, but when I look disgusted at a book because the description is so good that I can visualize it, that means its doing a fantastic job on my list. As I mentioned in the book review above, I think that the way the chapters were separated was both good and bad. I liked that it caused suspense, but at the same time near the end, I felt it was a distraction from pretty important things, like Alex possibly being dead, etc.

♥Alex: I was proud to see such a strong character, she was for sure set up and she perseveres through the tough times. It is true that if “Wolf” hadn’t been around it wouldn’t have been to long until she died, I’m somewhat confused as to why he was so drawn to her. Twin telepathy perhaps? I was most impressed when she tried to save Ruby, but I can also see why Sharon took both her and Ruby’s life. They were going to be eaten savagely, I’d rather die on my own terms as well. Best yet, I’d have to say was when she didn’t kill Daniel, that she felt compassion towards him and tried to save him. If she’s dead I will be thoroughly disappointed, especially when he and Tom were so close to seeing each other again. Urgh.
♥Tom: Now that’s an awesome way to start a book. Finding out that the guy I was rooting for is still alive impressed me the most. I loved that he fought so hard to find Alex, and since he thought that she was inside Rule he blew up a freaking mine. I wonder about why Weller would knowingly risk Alex though, but I guess he must have thought of her as unimportant in the long run. Hopefully Tom will live long enough to find her again. I was also surprised about the war trauma, I figured that it had to be something along those lines, but I never thought that he had to watch someone be killed because of a choice he made. If that  isn’t post traumatic stress disorder, I don’t know what is.
♥Chris: I was surprised at how he stuck up for Alex to his grandfather. Thank god he didn’t get into that torture house, I don’t think he would have made it if that was the case. I hope that he doesn’t die, but it isn’t looking so good for him, what with the pack, including Lena coming after him. I’m pretty sure he’s a goner. Too bad though.
♥Lena: I figured she was changing, it was really the only explanation. And then the fact that she might eat Chris, AHH! That’s just screwed up. I did kind of like seeing how they feel when they change though, sadly it interested me. I’m odd that way.
♥Peter: I was surprised how much Peter was involved in the whole Changed Spared tribute thing, I really thought that he wasn’t that high up. I feel awful that he had to watch so many die, but it is a form of revenge I suppose. Mainly I’m worried that he will eat that awful meat that is the only food that is being offered to him. This is the most inhumane thing I’ve ever witnessed and my heart goes out to Peter, who we never really knew in the first book. I do wonder though, if he does eat the meat, will he turn into a Chucky, or will he still be himself, but humiliated.

Moment to Remember♥:
♥Pg. 444
“Tucking his lighter into a hip pocket, he pulled out an igniter, removed the shipping plug, then threaded in the loose end of the time fuse as far as it would go. Tightening the cap, he removed the safety pin. Wash, rinse, repeat with the second fuse.”

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