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Spoiler: First Impressions

As I mentioned above this book is adapted from a tv series, not one that is currently playing, at least not that I could find. I think the point of the series is to show not only what grief can do to you, but what being thrown out of your element can do. There are so mangy things that change for Ephram Brown so quickly first losing his mom and then a new town. All so quickly, but maybe that the way to do change, all in one go.



♥Ephram- As if being a teenager isn’t hard enough it seems as though he goes from doing ok to a ship wreck and who can blame how he reacts to all of this. He lost his confidant, his mother. Moving isn’t easy normally, but after a traumatic event, that must be ridiculously difficult. But I think in the end he’ll make it through. It sucks about Amy though, but really they’re fifteen, nothing but time to figure out they’re lives.

Andy- I think he’s not the best father cause he’s never actually had to be the parent. He was always kind of the figure head. He’s trying his best I think but he wasn’t prepared for the responsibility.

Delia- a cute kid, I feel awful that she lost her mother so young and I imagine that will affect her further in the series.

Amy- I think she fell for Ephram just as he fell for her, but after she kind of played him to get to his father. I don’t understand how she can pretend she didn’t kiss him and run back to a boy who apparently doesn’t even love her.

Bright- In the long run he’s trying to look out for his littler sister and his best friend. It’s gotta be a tough position to be in, he just doesn’t go about it the best way.


♥Moments to Remember♥

♥Pg. 52

“ ‘No, she’s not my girlfriend,’ he told her.

   Delia’s grin stretched wider than Ephram would have though possible. ‘But you want her to be.’

   ‘You’re this close to knowing pain in a form you’ve never known before,’”

♥Pg. 76

“‘When you guys come up with these traditions, are you still high on the crack, or are you just coming down?’”

♥Pg. 100

“‘What is that?’ he demanded, nodding toward the lawn where the deer was tied.

  ‘A doe,’ Ephram said trying to sound light-hearted. ‘A deer. A female deer- ‘”


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