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Spoiler: Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

Holy crow was this an epic book! I try not to use the word epic often but it describes this book in one word. I’ve read a lot of books about the end of the world, but this one hits me the hardest. Ashes takes place during the “apocalypse” instead of after. IT shows what happens and although not all is explained in this first book, the reader can witness it. And if witnessing it isn’t frightening, I’m not sure what is. All in all, this is a fantastic book!



Alex-I never thought a girl with a brain tumour would be one of the strongest female character I’ve ever read about, but hey life is full of surprises. In some ways I admire Alex she is strong enough to take her cancer by the balls and then manages to live through the end of the world (as she knows it). I was happy when Tom and her got together. Somehow it just felt right, even throughout the madness. And taking care of Ellie together was one of the sweetest things. But when she got to Rule an went with Chris I was slightly disappointed. I mean he’s nice enough and if she hadn’t met Tom first I might agree with it but the whole idea of dating in Rule in practically not existent. You don’t date you get Chosen and have babies. I can never resist a good love triangle though.

Ellie- Okay, let’s face it, she’s spoiled but she’s also been through a lot for a kid so young. No excuses though! Huge mixed message, my apologies. I was so upset when she was stolen away, more than I thought I would be considering how snotty she acts through parts of the book. What kind of people even steal children? I can’t help but think of what kind of person I might be and what my friends might turn into in a serious life or death situation. I like to think that I would be like Alex, strong and caring for those around me and not turn into a villain. Anywho hopefully Mina manages to keep Ellie safe, at least till book 2.

Tom- Ok, love this guy! Tough, but sweet, you know what I mean? The kind that makes me go all gushy. He was great with Ellie even when she would freak out/ have a brat attack. I especially love that he honestly seems to want to take care of Alex and Ellie above all else. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. I do wonder what he was doing in the woods though. Suspicious

♥Brett, Majorie, Harlan- I’m sure there would be plenty of these in this kind of life altering event but why would you turn to a criminal? If you’re evil I’m certain that people are going to be far less likely to help you. I may have yelled during they’re time in the book. Once or twice.

Chris-I suppose in other circumstance I might have loved Chris, not Tom but really in a place like Rule he just gives me the straight up creeps. But it really irks me cause Tom could be out there anywhere just slowly dying and withering away. I bet he hasn’t just jumped on to another companion. I know I’m taking sides, but in a love triangle what else are you supposed to do? If you have a different opinion please feel free to state it in the comments as I am curious about what anyone reading thinks. Anyway, I hope he follows Alex or she dies, but if you think about it, what if he does what she did and just jumps to the next pretty young thing that makes her way to Rule? Oh my awful sense of justice has done it again. Thank god it’s fiction. I do wonder as well about Lena, the settlement raids, etc. But hopefully this is cleared up by the second book or during it.

Jess-What the hell is she play at??? Maybe she realizes that eventually the ‘Changed’ will come to Rule. Speaking of which this town is so messed up. And from the sounds of things it was this screwed up before the damn Zap anyways. Not to mention the whole “I’m Chris’s grandma thing” kinda freaked me out right before the real sketchy events took place. Can’t wait to read more!


♥Moments to Remember♥

♥Pg. 188

“’It’s like when I showed you how to work the gun. It’s just in case.’

 ‘Yeah, yeah,’ Ellie grumbled, ‘if it’s for just in case, how come you guys look like you’re going to war?’

 No one had an answer for that.”


♥Pg. 260

“One pair of large crows squabbled over something in the snow. At her approach, they fluttered off, and she spotted what she thought as a fat drop of blood- only to realize that she was staring down at a woman’s disarticulated big toe, the nail still painted a bright, cheery, fire-engine red.”


♥Pg. 354

“’If what you can do gets out, then somebody else just might decide they’ve got a super-sense too. In other words, they would lie. Even with the Council and the Rev to say otherwise, things could get pretty nasty. See what I’m saying? We could have our little version of the Salem Witch Trials, and we got no time for that kind of crap.’”


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