Sunday, November 6, 2016

Spoiler: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

So as I mentioned above, this is a reread for me and I thought that it would help with the slump I've started to slip into. I really enjoyed slipping back into Lemony Snicket's writing. I think that his writing is so interesting as he slips part of his own life into every book he writes. I can't wait for the longer books. 

Violet: I think that she is my favourite of the siblings. I thought that she was both resourceful and relatable as an older sibling. I think that the way she thinks about things is amazing.

Klaus: I forgot how much I love Klaus's reading and how he absorbs information so easily.

Sunny: Even she is so incredibly smart.

Mr. Poe: Always so dumb.. Somethings I forgot about... this was not one of those things.

Count Olaf: No one is quite as evil as this man. To threaten a girl who is 14 years old wouldn't it just be smarter to wait and be kind and then steal the money. It's only 4 years. Come one.

Justice Strauss: I think that she would have been an excellent guardian but unfortunately she is not related... damn it.

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