Sunday, November 27, 2016

Spoiler: The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

So I thought this was going to be a very cheesy romance. Something I wouldn't be interested in at all. But I freaking loved it! It was perfect for my mood and just picked me right up and I can't wait to read the next book ugh. The characters in this story, like damn. Not only that but the author's ability to highlight the differences in the two different cultures and to describe the invasion so well without information dumping. I loved it so much and I'm kind of fangirling over it all ready. I don't really know what to do. I mean I have the next book, but what will I do while I wait for the third one to ship. Ugh. My heart is breaking. But I'm so happy it wasn't instalove.

Arin: I think that he's a really interesting love interest. To see someone who is a slave, and so strong throughout the struggles of his life was amazing. As mentioned on Thoughts on Tomes, seeing that the conquered nation was the more sophisticated ones was interesting to me. To have to see people live in his neighbours' house and his own house. I did think that his wit and how he fell in love with Kestrel and her wit rather than just using her as a pawn. 

Kestrel: She is an interesting main character to read from. Often in a rebellion situation the main character becomes a warrior, and while she is one, she uses strategy. I found that to be  unique and interesting. Her thought process and her ability to out think even her father's military ideas was amazing. That being said, to marry a man to save someone she obviously cares about is a strong move and the author does an excellent job of proving that she is a strong, badass woman. I look forward to seeing her future scheming.

Ronan: I was disappointed at how he asked Kestrel to marry him. I thought of him as a flirtatious friend, but now I wonder, does he suspect that Kestrel and Arin were lovers far before they were? Does he think that's the reason she said no? What's going to happen?!?

Jess: I didn't think that she had a lot of sustenance as a side character, but she shows a good example of what the mainstream society is looking towards. She was a good friend throughout and I wonder what will happen to her since the peace agreement (can we call it that?)

Irex: There is always a jerk, but some just take the cake. I won't lie, I was happy he died how he did. He deserved it. He was a sick little jerk and deserved whatever he had coming to him.

General Trajan: What will he think of his daughter's choices while he was gone? Will he be glad to be a member of the empirical family, or will he come to his senses? I thought at first that he seemed cruel, but I see he was the tough love character, which warmed my heart.

Cheat: This I did not see coming. I wasn't ready for it. I thought he simply hated her, but to see him attack her sexually was horrifying, it made me wonder how long he was thinking of attacking her.

Moments to Remember:
Final Line: "'You don't, Kestrel, even though the god of lies loves you.'"

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