Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spoiler: The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

This book is so addictive. I would definitely describe it as gossip girl meets sci-fi meets mystery. I thought that this book would be hard to get back into after a put it down for a while, but instead, I was far more gathered into the story and entertained by what was happening to our characters. I thought that the multiple POVs were amazing and perfect. Along with such a different version of New York. It just made me want to pick Katherine McGee's mind for a minute and found out what she did to be so damn imaginative. I thought the idea of all this future equipment kept the story from being too overly dramatic. The change of pace between the floor also helped the story reach new levels of suspense, especially during the ending.

Avery: So at first her feelings for Atlas are a little fucked up but then over time you kinda get to see how that might have happened. They weren't super young when they were brought into the same household, they didn't even really have the sibling bonding of one of them being a baby so that's whatever. I think that she still should have told the cops. I mean she has a lot to lose but not as much as Watt or Rylin... that's just my belief.

Atlas: Those mind games, though. I want you, but I can't want you so I'll go date this girl and then be like haha it's your best friend. Damn it Atlas, Eris could still be alive you silly goose. I do kinda love him, though.

Leda: She is straight up psychotic. She doesn't know when to stop and maybe it's the stress but shoot, I think it's time to come clean when you freaking killed someone. I wonder how long it will take before she either ODs or gets sent back to rehab.

Eris: She had a rough go of it for sure. To have your life ripped apart in one minute without any warning is crazy. I think that she grew as a character and when (I say when cause there has got to be more right?) the next book comes out she will be deeply missed. I worry about her mother the most. Hopefully, Marial will be able to get to the bottom of the case, though.

Watt: He's a little too up front with what he knows in person. That's pretty damn stupid. I hope that he doesn't go to jail, but it might be too little to last for him overall. 

Rylin: Her and Cord were meant to be and I can't believe it got so messed up with his brother, if she had had any chance to explain things might have worked out.

Cord: Will he go after her????

Moments to Remember: 
Final Line: "But anyone who looked would have noticed the candelabra casting shadows on her dramatic cheekbones, illuminating the tears that streamed down her face."

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