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Spoiler: Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

This book took me forever to finish. And before someone assumes that means it wasn't good, you're not entirely correct. This book was a good book. I enjoyed it. I wouldn't say that it was as interesting for me as the first book was or that it got the same rating in the review above, but it was still a good book overall.  It's tremendous, though.  I kept getting deterred because of it's size overall, and I found that once I looked and how little progress I made, I wasn't as interested. That being said, the audiobook I used for the first half was very well narrated and the use of different voice actors was perfect for me. I also enjoyed the change of setting. Getting to see Dustfinger at home where he was his most confident made me feel such gratitude to the author. Less so in the end of the book. I presume that this also leads to the huge character development we witness throughout the second instalment. 

Dustfinger: One of the best characters I've ever read. He is troubled but still manages to find joy in his use of fire. He finds part of his family upon his arrival back into his world, but unfortunately, so much time has passed there that things have changed with those he remembers. I found his growing relationship with Farid to be a staple in the story and with the ending we see that Dustfinger very much thought that Farid was family to him. I do hope that they find a way to bring him back, but I'm doubtful overall. 

Farid: This boy's love is so strong to his master and to know that Dustfinger let himself go in order for Farid to live is a horrible idea. I do wish that Farid hadn't had the bright idea to call Orpheus into the story because that will only lead to trouble, I'm sure of it. But at the very least Farid is able to live his life, although he will now be a slave to Orpheus. 

Basta: Is he really dead? I don't know if I believe it. He was one of the best villains I've read and I enjoyed his interesting quirks. For our main characters, I'm glad to see him go, but as a reader, he truly struck fear in me. 

Mortola: Her son treated her like garbage, and yet she still aims to have revenge. The idea is confusing to me.

Mo: Or should I call him the Bluejay. If Fenoglio hadn't chosen to base him off a real person, we might have avoided so much trouble, but it would appear that Mo is slowly becoming the Bluejay every time we read about him. Protecting his family with a sword was something I would have never guessed that Mo would do. I wonder what he did to the Adderhead's book as well. 

Meggie: At the beginning of the book I found her to be rather annoying. She wanted what she wanted with no regard for others around her. Especially her parents. It was a childish decision, but now she has seen so much death and hate in those around her she is starting to grow. I notice that her interest in Farid is growing, but that might end abruptly with Dustfinger's death.

Resa: Oh to have a voice back after so much time without it must just be a blessing. A shame that it seemed to come at such a cost.

Roxanne: She seems like she was made for Dustfinger, it's a shame that she wasn't able to stay with him longer. I was not impressed when she blamed Farid for his death, but I can see how that would be the case, after all, a loved one she barely had the time to be reacquainted with returned only to be ripped from her world again.

The Adderhead: What a nasty and vicious man.

Fenoglio: He is stupid and full of crazy notions. I'm glad he saw that massacre with Cosimo. He needed to realise that he was no more God to this story than he was of his own. I was not impressed with him throughout this book and I hope that he turns over a new leaf in the next one.

Orpheus: This is going to cause more trouble than I think we all realise. 

Moments To Remember:
Final Line: "'This story will have a happy ending. I swear!'"

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