Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spoiler: Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

So it's only the beginning of the year and I've already found a book that just wasn't for me. Off to a good start, aren't we? Anywho this story is the story of a princess mermaid who is one of 6 chosen ones. It speaks about girl power and attempts to create a magical underwater world. I did find that the history was in depth and interesting. I thought that that would carry throughout but it seemed to lack in the middle. I also found that the time line didn't seem to line up, it didn't flow as nicely as I had hoped. And here's what really got me down in this book, the characters were whiny and juvenile. 

Seraphina: Whiny and under developed. I found that this character did not act her age and wasn't ready to take over much of anything. I did empathize that she lost so much, but she didn't seem to care the Neela had also lost so much with her.. Just agravating.

Neela: Her obsession with candy was cute at first but after time it was more frustrating than anything not to mention her slang. I don't have much else to say based on how little I really know about her from the writing style.

Ling: I'm sure they would really just stumble on this girl in the middle of nowhere that's fine.

Mahdi: She's going to end up with the bad party boy, in the end, won't she? I don't' even care to read to find out.

Moments to Remember:
Final Line: "In the time to see Vraja pick up a rock and smash the mirror."

Just a quick note that these are only my opinions and I encourage everyone to make up their own minds about books. Even though this book was not for me, it doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't enjoy it.
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