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Spoiler: Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

So this book is a historical fiction about a girl who can sense gold during the gold rush era in America. I really enjoyed it overall. I thought that while this book was magical it did it in a way that didn't outshine the history. It was realistic and gripping to read. The characters were incredible to read about, as well as the history was interesting. This book did more than speaking about magic and gold, it also spoke about sexism and racism that was huge during this time. I thought that it was important to see. That being said part of these books seemed a little rushed to me. For example, Leah immediately realising that her uncle was responsible for the murder of her parents. I found that frustrating, that being said let's talk about my favourite part of many books.

Leah: I think that her point of view is very important. She is a girl in a time where being female wasn't something to be proud of. You were practically owned by the men in your life. Overall it seemed that she was able to do many things in her home, especially with her father being sick and unable to help take care of the homestead. This being said, she is an extremely hardworking and intelligent character. To disguise herself as a man to travel safely and to get away from her past was a good move. I do wonder what will happen with her and Hiram over time in California.

Jefferson: He is one of my favourite characters. He has dealt with so much controversy with being multirace. Especially being Aboriginal and European which would have been common during this time. People still spoke of Aboriginal people as being savage and wild. Needing the "white man" to help them become civilised and while it was frustrating to read this in the book it was historically accurate. As much as it pains me to read it, I think it's important to remember our past in North America no matter who you are. This being said, we see Jefferson struggle throughout their journey as others speak poorly about him as well as his mother's people.

Becky: I doubt that anyone loved her to start with but over time, she grew on you. She can't cook, she has to put up with an idiot of a husband during this time and take a crazy wagon ride while expecting a child. That's a lot of stress for a person. I do wonder about what she said about refraining from marrying. Did she not want to be married? I'm interested to know more.

Therese: I won't lie. I teared up when she came back to the wagons. She sacrificed herself for her family and gave it all up in hopes that they would be saved. She was a sweet girl and I won't forget about her character going further in the series.

Hiram: He's evil, but I wonder about his past with Leah's mother. Why didn't they get married? Why was her mother on the run? What else can he do to get her? Ugh creepy.

Major: He's a strong man to be trampled and then has to have his leg amputated. I wonder what will happen now that they've reached California. Will he stay with the group?

Reverand: What a creep to want to marry so soon after his wife past away. I guess he thought it was his duty but I wasn't sad to hear that his wagon split up from the others.

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 374
"Men. And their no-good, fool-headed proposals."

Pg. 418
"He leans on his crutch. 'The rest of you are using two legs, but I'm only using one- I think that means I can walk twice as far.' He heads off after Becky before I can tell him that's the worst logic I've ever heard."

Final Line: "'Let's go find us some gold.'"

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