Monday, September 12, 2016

Spoiler: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I found that over the time that I've been sick, I've been reading slowly. But I'm really glad that I picked up this story this weekend before the stomach flu hit. I think that I really found this story amazing to read and it helped me remember my love of ya fantasy. I found that the setting was really interesting and it really helped me to imagine what was going on as it was well described.
I also found that there were so many characters I was curious about as well as the two main characters. I also found it interesting that they weren't always interacting with each other that it showed so much more of both of those lives. As I discussed in the review I have a pet peeve about when characters say they can sense death in a family, or when they say they would know if someone was dead. Drives we crazy.

Elias: I really enjoyed his character. I thought that him trying to break free of who he was was entertaining. I also found that he was a loving and compassionate character. He was able to see what was right through all the wrong around him. I hope that he'll be able to stay just friends with Laia. Tbh I was cheering for Helene.

Laia: I found that her character was interesting and I could relate to how she wanted to be strong but constantly found herself weak. I envy her for putting her family first. I found that she was stronger than I thought she could be by breaking out Elias and saving Izzi.

Helene: I think that Helene is a really interesting character. She was kickass and not worried about anything. I really loved her. I was chanting for her and Elias but when it didn't work out, I'm super worried about what she's going to become with Marcus.

Cook: I want to know her backstory.

Izzi: I want to know all about her past and everything and what happened to her family. She's a strong girl after seeing so much.

Spiro: Who is he? What does he want?

Marcus: What a sick bastard. A sexist, rude creep. I hate him. And I hope he pays for killing his brother.

Zak: When he spoke of his brother it broke his heart.

Commodante: She's heartless and evil. She's a snake and needs to be watched no matter what. 

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 77
"'Let go of my hair, ' she says. 'Or I'll relieve you of your manhood.'"

Final Line: "Into freedom."

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