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Spoiler: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

So this book was huge on booktube when it came out as well as bookstagram. And I found myself intrigued by the idea of time travel as well as the beautiful cover (no shame). As I started it I found myself interested in the first two chapters but loosing interest throughout as the writing style just didn't seem to flow for me. I found myself skimming pages to get through the story and really reading as quickly as I could to get it over with. As time passed I honestly didn't feel like reading because I knew I had to finish this book. It was a solid ok read for me. There were parts that I really enjoyed. Like exploring different places and different times from the perspectives of a man of colour and a woman. I also thought that the family history of all the families was interesting. This being said, it didn't make up for my disinterest in the characters and my dislike of the romance in this book. 

Etta: I find that Etta wasn't that interesting of a character to follow. I liked that we got to see the families pasts from her perspective as she knew nothing about time travel, but as the story went on I found that her instant love with Nicholas just didn't do it for me. I thought that it was a weak relationship and not well built. She also annoyed me with her thoughts, but this doesn't mean I wasn't surprised when we thought that she died. The turn around on that didn't do much for me though.

Nicholas: I liked him a lot more than Etta, I think that throwing in the idea of a man of colour in certain time periods was an important and daring idea of the authors. That being said, I also found him to be quit annoying. I didn't find myself attached to him, and don't care to continue the story about him or Etta.

Sophia: She was just kind of there in my mind. Even with the ending involving her I didn't really care, wasn't really surprised. Especially not when she was stupid enough to pair up with the Thorns. Mah.

Rose: Not really a character I enjoyed. Thought she was a bit to cold as a mother all in all.

Alice: The only character I really enjoyed. She was pleasant and fun. 

Hall: I liked his character and demeanour with the crew. As well as the idea of not going along with something you believe is wrong.

Cyrus: Who doesn't power? Obviously the villain. Obviously doesn't take no for an answer. But power over your one true love, doesn't really make alot of sense to me. Didn't fear him that much, but thought we would run into him during the time travelling that Etta and Nicholas took part in.

Moments to Remember:
Pg.  157
"'...I wanted to ask if you remembered Hall's wife, Anne- what he said of her?'
'I only remember what happened when she passed,' he lied. A long year, in which they had chased Hall from tavern to tavern and hadn't spent a single day on a ship. He'd had no idea a man so large and powerful, who'd fought and survived a thousand battles, could be broken into so many pieces when his lady took ill.
'Liar,' Chase said, not unkindly. 'He said he'd never remarry because he'd never find another lady that fit so neatly at his side. He called her his equal in spirit.'"

Final Line: "'Look lively,' he said. 'We've a journey to make.'"

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