Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Review: Next Summer by Hailey Abbott

 Title: Next Summer
Author: Hailey Abbott
Series: Summer Boys
Pages: 230
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Year Published: 2005

"Three girls. Too many boys. One tempting summer.
Beth:I know I love George. And everyone thinks we're perfect together. So why does that sexy new lifeguard keep flirting with me? And why do I like it so much?Ella:Bye-bye, bad girl. I'm  trying to change my wild ways. But there are so many yummy boys around this summer. How can I resist them?Kesi:Tim is totally not my type. Besides, after last summer, i need a break from boys. If only I could get him out of my head...
Things are heating up again. Can you handle it?"

My Rating: 10/10

Next Summer, is the second book in the Summerboys series. I love the fact that Hailey Abbott made a smooth transition from summer to summer. I felt as though I'd read through what happened during the year. Again I say, a wonderful transition. The characters in this series have captured my heart and I had a struggle with the drama and not yelling at them all at one point. Yes, I do talk to the characters in my books, and no I'm not completely insane; only a touch. This story, I thought improved from the first book in the series, which is rare in my reading. Not only have the characters tugged at my  heart strings, so has the setting. I have never been to Maine, but my desire to go has increased in leaps and bounds after reading this book. It sounds like a beautiful place.

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