Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SPOILER: Dark Secrets 1: Don't Tell by Elizabeth Chandler

All and all, I enjoyed this book. It was good, but not quite as good as Legacy of Lies. I enjoyed the fact that there was a bigger mystery going on in Don't Tell. It almost reminded me of the VC Andrews books I read when I was younger. The mystery wasn't well concealed though, and I already suspected Frank, I'm happy that I hadn't suspected Holly, or their team up. That would have been extremely disappointing. I also didn't feel in touch with the characters. I could not connect with Lauren at all. I did on the other hand, fall head over heels for the setting. Wisteria became very real in this book as we visit the school, and the river. I wish I could live in this amazing world.
Characters:Lauren: I don't have alot in common with Lauren other than I'm also female... She's rich, famous and shyish. Not relating much to that. I do enjoy the fact that she isn't stupid. She thinks about most of the possibilities in the mystery.

Nora: Poor, poor Nora. I expected to learn more about her paranormal-ness. But the story cut of before we get to find out that she either gets help or she doesn't.

Holly: What an evil, scheming brat? I know it's hard when money is tight, but killing someone (almost two someones)? Really??

Nick: It unnerved me to find out that for most of the story he was lying to Lauren to "protect" her. That makes any girl uneasy.

Aunt: Jule: Sure, let's throw in that she's actually Lauren's birth mother, why not? Didn't see the point in that really, but ok....

Frank: Just as bad as Holly, if not worse.

Favorite Line/Moment:♥Pg. 51/256" 'I take guys to dances, like escorts, but I don't date- not till I'm in college. I don't want to get hooked like my mother did and become dependent on some guy to make me feel like a person. I'm getting my life and career together first.'
He looked at me as if I had just landed from Mars. 'That doesn't mean you can't date,' he said. 'I'm not getting hooked, either, and I'm dating everybody.' "

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