Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spoiler: Next Summer by Hailey Abbott

I really loved this book! Next Summer is dramatic, captivating and heart-warming. I mentioned in the book review how I felt in tune with the characters and how I loved the setting but what I neglected to say was that I felt in tune with Beth the most. I guess that's because of some personal stuff going on (I haven't cheated like she did, but other stuff has been going on). I love the fact that Hailey Abbott made a clean transition between the end of last summer and the beginning of this one. I also enjoyed the setting, I wish with all my heart i was at the beach right now with my friends and Pebble Beach, Maine is a escape in my mind at least. I can settle for that :)

Characters:Beth: I love Beth, but my favorite thing about Beth is George and when that was in the air I was mad. I think I scared everyone in my house when I started swearing at my book. I love Beth, but the Adam thing was just wrong! I know being away from someone you love is hard, but you have to be strong and push through it. I'm so happy that George and Beth got back together though, anyone with me? I was also happy at the way she retold their last summer with the events and places, especially getting stuck on a roof of a house.

Ella: So Ella is a little out there, but still a great character in the story. Everyone has that friend thats sorta a man eater. And Ella is that character. In this book, we see a softer side of Ella where she really just wants what every girl wants; to be loved unconditonally. When Ella meant Jeremy, I thought he was gay when he wouldn't touch her or kiss her. As it turns out he's straight, just amazing! They are great together :)

Kelsi: I was shocked at the totall Kelsi makeover that we witness in the first few chapters. She is a changed person who realizes that a woman doesn't need a man to make her strong. But when she founds out what Ella did with Peter, she crumples and the strong exterior fades. I could hardly believe that Kelsi hadn't found out that Ella and Peter slept together. Unfortunately, Ella appears to be a good secret keeper. Kelsi in the end got an amazing man who is 10,000 times the man that Peter was.

Adam: What an idiot? Did he really believe that Beth would leave someone as amazing as George to be with him? He doesn't deserve Beth and he shouldn't have been so willing to help her cheat on George. I suppose he is actually a great guy, but it doesn't make me any less mad!

Jeremy: What a sweetheart? It's not very often that a girl meets a guy who wants to get to know her, not just get physical. I think that Jeremy is the perfect boy for Ella. She's a wild child and he's an easy going lifeguard; she winds him up, and he cools her down :)

Tim: Tim is a special kinda jock, who I'm not sure exsists out there. I hate to sterotypical, but in my experience jocks are usually uncaring and up for the physical side of a relationship, but not the emotional. Maybe that's just me. Hope that doesn't offend anyone.

Jamie: I was kind of disappointed that she wasn't going to be a main character in this book, but I think that Kelsi's view was more entertaining than Jamie's would have been.

Favorite Lines & Moments:♥Pg. 2
" 'So you think painting is going to be more fun than the beach?' she asked George sourly, picking up one of the rackets. She ran her hand across the tight web of strings and pressed it against the pads of her fingers. There was a part of her that wanted to beat George over the head with the racket- how could he possibly give up a summer with her to work a job that required him to breath in toxic fumes?"

♥Pg. 7
" 'It's not the same,' Beth cut in. She hated it when he was reasonable. 'It's supposed to be all the cousins. Jamie, Ella, Kelsi, and me. The four Tuttle girls. it's a tradition, and Jamie's breaking it. And you're like an honorary Tuttle cousin, so you're breaking tradition, too.' She pouted.
'Okay, please don't refer to me as your cousin again, because that's just creepy and gross,' George chuckled."

♥Pg. 13
" 'Drool much?' Kelsi teased apparently noticing Ella's appreciation of the long-limbed blond guy who ambled in front of the car at a stop sign.
'I never drool,' Ella replied, smling. 'I just... admire.' "

♥Pg. 53
"Ella couldn't help it if she had a certain power. Kelsi was a brilliant student. When Beth performed some athletic feat, everyone talked about her talent. Ella's talent was making boys drool. Everyone had to be good at something."

♥Pg. 137
" 'You need a plan,' Tim said.
'To do what? Murder her?' Kelsi smirked. 'I have several.'
'Easy, Terminator,' he said. ''

♥Pg. 204
" 'You were fine,' George told her. 'Except maybe for that middle part. I thought we might have to stay there overnight'
'Overnight?' Beth waved a dismissive hand. 'I was thinking forever, like garden gnomes.'
'We're too cute to be gnomes,' George said, and laughed."

Hope you enjoyed this spoiler :)

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