Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book Review: Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott

 Title: Summer Boys
Author: Hailey Abbott
Pages: 214
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Year Published: 2004

"First boy. First Love. First time.
Peter was watching me all night- I could feel it. I wish he'd make a move already. Too bad he's my sister's boyfriend.
Beth: Suddenly George is lookin greally good in his swim trunks. I don't know what I'm thinking- he's my best friend. Do I want more?
Jamie: Last summer, Ethan and i fell for each other-- big-time. My feelings for him haven't changed but why is he pushing me away?
It's summer. It's hot. It's time to hook up."

My Rating: 9/10
Lately I haven't read that many chicklits and I felt it was time for one and so I picked out Summer Boys. I thought it would be a good beach read, or a pretend beach read since I might not make it there, and started reading. I really enjoyed the fact the story switched through three different girls. Although all three girls are related, not a one is alike. Beth is athletic, Ella is a girly girl and Jamie is an artist. It really gives the reader a chance to relate with at least one character. I felt close to all the characters and almost as though I was in a family enviroment of my own. I would suggest this book to anyone looking for a chicklit beach read.

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