Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spoiler: Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott

This book was the perfect escape for me, the girl who is working away her summer. I felt like I could get lost in Maine with Jamie, Ella and Beth. I think any high school girl who has had feelings for someone, been through a break up, or wanted the impossible would enjoy this book. It is mainly easy to follow, and keeps the reader interested. A good way to describe it would be a little taste of gossip.
Let's talk about some characters.

Characters:Ella: Ella is the girl that everyone is jealous of. She's gorgeous, gets guys and has a fashion sense. Unfortunately she falls for the wrong guy, her sister's boyfriend. If there's anything I've learnt about teenagers, we want what we can't have and for Ella that means Peter, a gorgeous singer who is also with her sister. I was cheering Ella on when she threw that salade at him. Girl power.

Beth: The fact that Beth is a tom boy at heart makes me smile. Especially when she falls for George!!!! I was having a hard time believing that she couldn't tell he loved her. I love the way that they end up together. I thought for sure it would lag into the next book. But they got together!!!! :)

Jamie: I think Jamie took Ethan to seriously and I feel horrible for her to have her heart broken by such a jackass. She gave her heart to him and they slept together, but I can't help but wonder if she ever told him she loved him. When she broke into his house, she reminded me of something a friend of mine might do if someone ever hurt her. That part made me smile.

Peter: What a jerk!!! He doesn't deserve to be with anyone!

George: I feel very connected to George. The fact that he glows makes me laugh, because so do I! He's my favorite boy!

Ethan: Ethan should have told Jamie what was up from the start! Grow up!

Scott: What a better man for Jamie!!! He's a good guy at heart.

Cara: Kind of boring... anyone agree?

Favorite Lines & Moments:
♥Pg. 7
"She ran the last coupel of feet and ducked against his back, so that when he swiveled his head, he couldn't see her face. She jabbed her index fingers into his back like tiny guns.
'We're gonna walk out of her very slowly,' she said in a deep voice. 'Once we get outside, you're going to take all your clothes off. No funny business, got it?' "

♥Pg. 19
" 'Hey Beth, where's your sense of romance?' he whispered
Beth rolled her eyes. 'George, I have a sense of romance, but romance has no sense of me.' "

♥Pg. 52
"The Tuttles did so much barbecuing that, on the Fourth of Jully, they celebrated by not barbecuing."

♥Pg. 142
"George never managed to get a real tan like everyone else. In the dim moonlight, he glowed."

♥Pg. 160
" 'Hold on tighter.'
'If you had a butt, I wouldn't be sliding off.'
'You're supposed to be an athlete. use those thigh muscles and hang in there.' "

♥Pg. 179
"Jamie sighed and pulled away from the wall. She kicked her shoe into the pavement. 'Look, I'm really sorry about everything. Espcially the hitting part.'
Scott laughed. 'Every girl slaps some guy at some point, right? It's like a rite of passage.' "

♥Pg. 190
" 'You're the best guy I ever slapped in the face,' "

Hope you enjoyed this spoiler, have a good one!

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