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SPOILER: Dark Secrets 1: Legacy of Lies by Elizabeth Chandler

May I just say it's about time someone wrote a reincarnation mystery that had this many twists and turns. I love a book where I am completely wrong about how it's going to end. Of course I knew that Megan and Matt were going to end up together, no brainer, but Lydia being the murderer, never saw it coming. I was very suspicious of all the characters, I even wondered about Sophie, but never once did I think it was Lydia. And so this book is rated a ten and I can hardly wait to read Don't Tell, the second story in this book.

Characters:Megan: I felt in touch with Megan during this book. She was stubborn and not afraid to talk back, traits that I believe I have. Megan is a great main character to follow, as we find out that she looks like Avril, her stubborn trait has to ease out to find explanations. I didnt have trouble seeing that she was a reincarnate of Avril, it made sense why Grandmother and Matt hated her so much. In the end I knew that she was going to end up with Matt though. How could she not?

Grandmother/Helen: She comes off as a nasty old lady, but in reality I think she was hurt long ago and hasn't dealt with the pain. In the end she actually turns out to get along with Megan, even if she doesn't believe she's a reincarnate of her sister, Avril. I think though, that Megan and her grandmother are more alike than they realize.

Matt: What a hunk? Sure he was stubborn and harsh in the beginning, but like most men, he came around at the end. I thought for a while that he was the one who had killed Avril or at least who he was in her time, Thomas. I was very relived to find out that it wasn't him at all. He was just the one who took her to the docotor. I was disappointed that Thomas ended up with Helen, that's really wrong.

Lydia: HOLY MAN! I couldn't believe that I little old woman would try to poison Megan, but it makes sense since she believe in Karma and the chance that she would die by Megan's hands. I also didn't think that she would be the killer of Avril, but after hearing her alibiy, it made sense. She wanted Thomas for herself, understandable but oh so twisted. Love it!

Sophie: The best friend in the book and obviously also an incarnate! She makes me smile.

Alex: A sweetheart that was definetly made for Sophie :)

Favorite Lines/Moments:
♥Pg. 43
"'Tell me,' I said, 'what kind of supllements do you take to grow an attitude like yours?'"

♥Pg. 53
" 'What's this sort-of cousin stuff?' he asked, not bothering to keep his voice down, perhaps thinking I was inside. 'Is she or isn't she?'
'Legally she is, but not really,' Matt replied. 'She's adopted.'
'Which means you can date her,' Alex said. 'Are you interested?'
'No,' Matt answered quickly.
'Good. I am.'
'She's got a mouth,' my cousin warned.
His friend shrugged. 'Makes it easier to kiss.' "

♥Pg. 77
" 'Was that your dog, Matt?' I asked, pointing to the other photo.
'What's his name?'
'Homer?' I repeated. 'You named him after the Greek writer? The guy who wrote the Illiad?'
Alex threw back his head and laughed. 'Yeah, and he had a cat named Shakespeare.' "

♥Pg. 147
" 'Hey, guess what I noticed tonight while getting dressed?'
'I don't think I want to,' Matt quipped."

♥Pg. 199
"Matt's at Chase College now on a lacrosse scholarship. I'm applying to colleges in Maryland. And we're keeping another secret, though maybe not as well as we thought. Just the other day Jamie stopped me on High Street. 'You know,' he said. 'I make wedding cakes.'"

Hope you enjoyed this book spoiler :)
Sidny xoxo

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