Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spoiler: Mercy, Unbound by Kim Antieau

This is a good book, really it is. But the story line is just so darn confusing! At the end of the book, I was still confused, is Mercy an angel or is she not? And if not why does a teenager make herself believe she is? I know she wanted control, but I think she needs to be in an asylum. The only real reason that I rated this book so highly is because of the content about the eating disorders. I didn't really realize how people who have an eating disorder just don't understand that it's not normal or good to be that skinny. I understand though, that young people go through alot of emotions and the media doesn't help. If you spend all your days reading magazines and watching tv, you wonder about the airbrushed figures and the skinny actresses. I used to wish that I was them, that I could be strong and pretty. I realize now that every single person is gorgeous on this earth. Each of us in our own way and we shouldn't have to change for anybody. We should be ourselves. Well that was cheesy, but hey it was still honest.

Characters:Mercy: I'm not really sure her deal is. The fact that she sees ghosts concerns me. I wish that Kim Antieau would have explained that better. And her itchy back? What the hell? How about the fact that after the eating disorder hospital she was seen with wings? I hate this part of the book. I do love her journal though.

Mom: I think her mother taught her all the wrong in the world before the good. Children need a chance to see the good and realize that you can be the change.

Dad: One laid back fella who would protect his little girl no matter what.

Suzy-Q: It's really sad that she had to try so hard to be something she wasn't. I was so upset when I heard that she was a teacher, but couldn't get a job because she was influencing the children badly. I wish she recovers.

Mia: She seems to be the toughest one out of the group. She is a strong soul who just really needs some help.

Favorite Lines & Moments:♥Pg. 4
"I think she talk a lot because then she knows she is breathing"

♥Pg. 75
"What could I say? 'I"m not really one of you, and I think you sound really crazy, and that should worry you because I think I'm an angel.' "

Thanks for reading,
Sidny xoxo

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