Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spoiler: The Kindling by Jennifer Armstrong & Nancy Butcher

I liked this book alot. If I might make one suggestion though to the readers of this book, it would be to imagine that the event of Fire-us took place in 2012 or closer to our time. It makes the world that Jennifer Armstrong and Nancy Butcher made a lot more believeable. When the event takes place in 2002-2007 it's easy not to be afraid of what happens in the "future". I think that this book is a stand alone book. It's a sci-fi book mixed with a type of mystery that I have never seen before. I do wish that we would have known a little bit more about the Before Time though. It would have made the book more interesting.

Characters:Hunter: I feel bad for this boy, I'm not sure how old he is, but he is the man in the family for the first half of the book, the provider. It's not fair that such a young boy should have to find all the food, clothes and other necessities for the family. I love the fact that he isn't scared of the bones, that he's brave enough to protect everyone from such a horrible sight.

Teacher: For me, this is the most relatable character. Although she carries around her own scrapbook that will apparently 'tell the future' I still like her. I love that Teacher is remembering things, and we as the readers get to remember things with her. She is an amazing character who is basically a detective, trying to find out what is going on with this horrible disease.

Mommy: She is a tough character to like, but you also want to love her. I think everyone has a friend like this, you know the one who is always looking after everyone else first and then thinking of herself. I hate the fact that Mommy is only 14 and put in charge of 4 children. That is a tough job to handle as an adult, I'm sure, never mind a teenager. I wonder about her fear of the outdoors though. Hope we get to hear more about that.

Angerman/Anchorman: This is a very interesting character who is thrown into the mix about half way through the book. I was happy that we got to see inside his head throughout the book, because otherwise we would just think he was completely mentally challenged. The idea that he hears voices makes me wonder if he has a mental illness or superpowers. He is unusual, but in a way, loveable.

Action Figure: What an adventurous  young man? He sure can cause a lot of trouble though.

Teddy: I like him, he seems to know what's going on and though he's quiet he is very bright. I understand his fear of alligators completely now that I have read over Teacher's memory.

Doll: She gets most of her traits from Mommy.

Baby: Again, like Mommy.

Kitty & Puppy: I think it's horrible that these kids were left alone in the wilderness, but the question is by whom?

Favorite Lines & Moments:
♥Pg. 222
" 'Once upon a time,' Mommy began, 'there was a girl named-um-' She searched her memory. What, what was that fairy tale she loved so much? Someone used to tell it to her every night before she went to bed. 'Cindy Ella..."

♥Pg. 234
"Action Figure stood on the last remaining plank of a dock that leaned at a crazy angle toward the water. Sunlight turned Action Figure's hair into a white halo, and the boy held both arms out, as if saying behold!"

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