Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spoiler: The Clique by Lisi Harrison

This book is absolutely filled with the drama from middle school. At least that's how my middle school felt. Whose in, whose out and whose a total loser? It's interesting to read that this is happening all over North America. Girls are getting meaner at a younger age than ever. I sadly loved reading about it. Maybe because I was able to relate! That's a good feeling that I haven't had in a while.  It helps that all these kids are ridiculously rich, wearing brands I haven't even heard of! The characters in this book are amazing and while I didn't fall in love with them I was able to see them as certain people from my life and it makes sense that this is such a popular series.

Characters:Massie: Incredibly snooty, and the undoubted leader of the Clique. Or is she? When Claire sneaks into her room it doesn't take long to turn her friends against her. Maybe she's not as loved as everyone acts. The fact that the whole school worships her is a pile though. There has to be someone who doesn't want to be like her at all. At least one who just hates her guts. I hope so anyways. Everyone loving you is bound to give you a big head. The best part of the book is when she finally realizes that Chris is not interested in her at all! Thank gosh, a little rejection is what this girl needs. Wait I take that back, a lot of rejection.

Dylan: I feel bad that Dylan feels the need to diet. Every girl should feel amazing in her own skin and be happy with who she is. The sad thing is that Dylan's mom encourages this when she's only in Gr. 7

Alicia: I thought she was the second in command during the book. I think that Massie is jealous of her, it's mentioned more than once that she looks like a model.She should be the leader, if you think about it.

Kristen: I was shocked that Kristen turned out to be poor. That's a very interesting fact considering whose she's friends with. To bad she has friends that wouldn't actually accept her if they knew she was poor.

Claire: A unexpected toss up in this wealthy society. I loved that Massie had to realize that she wasn't all that. Claire got a great revenge on Massie, a well deserved one at that. I didn't like that she changed when she was friends with the rest of The Clique. She should be happy that she isn't like them.

Layne: The kinda girl every group needs. Someone who is unafriad to be who she is. Althought she did take Massie's offer to be popular. That was a mistake and one I doubt she will repeat.

Chris: Thank GOD he wasn't interested in Massie, as if that girl needs an more followers.

Favorite Line & Moment:
♥Pg. 208
" 'Why doesn't anyone ask us to dance?'
Layne turned to face Claire and bowed deeply. 'Claire, would you like to dance?' "

Thanks for reading.
Sidny xoxo

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