Monday, September 26, 2011

Spoiler: Amy by Any Other Name by Maureen Garvie

This book amazed me repeatedly. All I could think of was how hard Amy tried to live a normal life and turn things around for Krystal. I like that she changed her name. It felt right i suppose because she really wasn't Krystal. I love Loki and the fact that him and the real Krystal end up ok that's awesome! I hope they work out.Nate is adorable and I bet every girl in the world wishes they had someoe like him. He knew Mia within miutes and I hope she leads a happy life with them. I don't like that "Amy" wont give Mia back her body. How rude. She acts like she deserves it but she totally doesn't. Not even a little bit. I swear!I wish that they had switched back in the end... don't you? It seems like a heart breaker.Ava and Avo always make my day. NOthing quite like a person with an accent!FAVOURITE LINES AND MOMENTS:
PG. 35 "Let him get started on this movie his mom/brother/loser friends rented the night before, ad he'll tell you the whole thing right to the end. Once he gets going it would take a truck to stop him- speaking as one who supposedly knows."
PG. 41 "Krystal doesn't have a father. I do! Allan Ronald Wexford, forty-nine years old, call me Al."
Pg. 68 "But at least now I can go in a wheelchair dow to the suroom. I'm supposed to be pushed, though.I'm not allowed to wheel myself yet, because my wrists are healing. That means I hardly ever get to go aywhere. When the urses take me, they park me ad forget to come back. 'Could't I get a electric one with controls where you just move a lever' I ask. Phyliss in the next bed clicks her tongue at Evelyn. 'Girl wants the moon.' 'Just write them a cheque, honey,' says Evelyn 'Ask the nurses to pick you up one at Wal-mart.' "
PG.69 "That little slut Krystal. She was probably giving blowjobs in the parking lot at school dances too."
PG. 70 "I can't believe this. 'You mean the poor kid's upset about being sexually molested by some creep and kicked out of her home and then you molest her?'
He glowers 'That was a year, before that other stuff. And it wasn't like that, like you make it sound. We were only uh- you know."
'I'm telling you I don't know.I'm asking. Was there sex? Was or was there not penetration?
'Shut up!' Loki looks around nervously.
'Tell me. Was there or wasn't there?'
'Not exactly, okay?'
PG. 80 "When I ask if I can use the phone to call Loki, I see a worried look cross her face. 'Your mother, when she lives here, she was also one for the phone. Talking, talking all the time.' "
Pg. 96 "Seems like there was something about Krystal that kids thought they could pick on and get away with. Well they'll be in for a surprise if they try now. I may look like poor little Red Rose but inside I'm still a tall white uberbitch."
Pg.116 "I had cable hook up, my laptop, great clothes, Cds and DVDS. And the Muskoka cottage. I never realize how privileged I was ."
PG. 117 "'I'm thinking about a breast reduction.' I tell her.
'What? Why? You have beautiful breasts.'
'I hate them. It's like a couple of turnips tied around my neck.' "
Pg. 143 " I never knew where Susan lived before. It's in a part of town i haven't been to, close to the hospital but i wasn't getting around much then. Alot of houses in her neighbor hood around old, but her's is modern architecture.'Actually, it's fifty year old.' she says.
'I didn't know they built things like this back in those days.'
She smiles, 'Those days is when i was born.It wasn't quite the dark ages.'
Pg. 148 " I thought it would be illegal to say what religion and nationality and gender a scholarship is for but I guess if your giving away your money you can give it to Buddhist Abdominal Snowmen if you want."
Pg. 165 " 'I think i'm going to cry ,' she says and pulls handful of Kleenex from her bag 'It must be menopause. Bye Darling, i'll email you when i get home.' "
Pg. 196 "MY gift from Avo turns out to be a big chest, carved and painted with a country scene."
Pg. 207 " 'She says we have to dance.'
'I didn't know you could dance.' I never saw him do it before. He's jerking his head and bobbing like a chicken. I blink at him in amazement. 'What are you doing?' "
Anyway i hope you enjoyed this book.
NEXT UP: Not suitable for family viewing.
Sincerely, Sidny

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