Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spoiler: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

I thought this book was the best I've read from the Mortal Instruments Series. IT HAD EVERYTHING I WANTED.I'm really happy that Valentine died the way he did. That way I didn't picture Clary or Jace killing him and feeling remorse after words. This whole this was just amazing! I can't even comprehend another word for it!It was wrong but in the last book I just kept thinking that who cares if Clary and Jace are brother and sister they're freaking madly in love. And then i thought there is no way that these people (they are real... in my mind) should suffer like they were. But they ended up together ♥ YAY! I was so happy that I ran around screaming YAH for about 20 minutes. Ok so the demon and the angel blood. Would you find that in any other book? Seriously I doubt it! It was perfect. It fit so nicely and Sebastion Oh My God I thought that he was awesome what with the horse and the walking home! I was like awww prince charming and then she won't have to end up with her brother (even though I wanted her to in a way) And then BAM evil I mean, that sucks that he was that way all because of Valentine and his stupidity and craziness! To think that he was Clary's brother give's me goose bumps!Magnus and Alec are super cute. I mean they've had the hots for each other this whole time and they just all "Idk are we a couple or are we just Friends with Benefits or WHAT?" So happy they ended up together ♥Jocelyn and Luke was yet another YAY! I mean he is freaking awesome how could she not love him? He's f'cking amazing! I love him I wish he was my dad sometimes!Simon, I felt bad for him he didn't win Clary which was kind of heartbreaking in another way but him and Maia that would be HOT! Him and Isabelle would be ok I suppose but I just enjoy Maia she's fiesty. Isabelle is cool to just to conventionally pretty (in my mind).MAX DIED I MEAN THAT WAS TERRIBLE HE WAS SO LITTLE! I KEPT THINKING ABOUT HOW THE CHARACTERS MUST FEEL!Starting City of Fallen Angels tonight and looking forward to it.
Sincerely, Sidny

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