Monday, September 19, 2011

Spoiler: I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I usually have trouble getting through these kind of books but this one was a breeze. It held me captive for more than a couple days on end (not a good thing in school I'll tell yah).
I love "John" I mean he is probably the next best thing (move over Edward Cullen). I think the way he loves Sara is forever. He'll certainly come back to her after all the books are over. At least i'm hoping. If she doesn't find him first. ;)
Mark being a good guy in the end really caught me by suprise. Who would have thought the same guy who threatened John and put manure in his lovker would turn out to be a compassionite guy with a good heart.
Henri might have been my favourite character. I cried alot when he died. he was like the dad we all wanted and you could tell he adore John and loved him even though they weren't technically related. The fact that he died just seemed like a cruel twist of fate to me.
Bernie Kosar is awesome he was with John since the beginning always there protecting him no matter what. He sounds adorable.
Sarah is definetely the perfect girl for John and i'm not even THAT jealous of her. She loves him even though he's a strange alien.
Sam has got to be the best guy friend any alien could possibly have. He was pretty chill and fought right beside JOhn. I am wondering what really happened to his father though. Any ideas?
Something I read after finishing the book was the author information thingie. LOVE IT
"Pittacus Lore is Lorien's ruling Elder. he has been on earth for the last twelve years, preparing for the war that will decide Earth's fate. His whereabouts are unknown."
PG. 7: "I would have stayed on stage buy the heat lit my sock on fire."
Pg. 11: "My current name is Daniel Jones. My story is that I greew up in California and moved here because of my dad's job as a computer programer. Daniel JOnes is about to disappear. I light a match and drop it, and the pile ignites. Another one of my lives gone. As we always do, Henri and I stand and watch the fire.
Bye Daniel, I think, it was nice knowing you."
Pg. 19: " 'Who do you think it's paradise for?'
'Cows maybe? Scarecrows?'
Pg. 68: "I have home economics after lunch- not because I necessarily care about cooking but because it was either that or choir. And while I have many strengths andpowers that are considered exceptional on Earth, singing isn't one of them."
Pg. 194: "I start a slight jog, down the drive, out onto the gravel road, the dog trotting beside me as I thought he would. IT takes a quarter of a mile to warm up.
'Ready to step it up, boy?'
I kick it into high gear, moving into a run and then into a dead sprint shortly after, going as fast as I can. I leave Bernie Kosar in the dust. I look behind me and he is running as fast as he can, yet I am pulling ahead of him. It feels great. Then Bernie Kosar bolts into the woods and disappears from sight. I'm not sure it I should stop and wait for him. Then I turn around and Bernie Kosar jumps out of the wood ten feet in front of me."
Pg. 203: "Because we live our life on the run, all I have are running shoes, which is so ridiculous it makes me laugh- the first time i've laughed all day."
Pg. 208: "I could take a bus, but it would take too long. I could ask Sarah, but that would invole a huge amount of explaining, including telling her i was an alien and that I believed Henri had been either capture or killed by hostile aliens who were searching for me so they could kill me. Not the best idea."
Pg. 275: " 'What happens if we try to have children with humans?'
'It's happened many times before. usually results in an exceptional and gifted human. Some of the greatest figures in Earth's history were actually the product of hums and the Loric, includding Buddha, Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein. Many of the ancient Greek gods, who most people believe were mythological, were actually the children of the humans and Loric, mainly because it was much more common then for us to be on this planet and we were helping them develop civilizations. Aphrodite, Apollo, Hermes and Zeus were all real and had one Loric parent.' "
Pg. 305: " 'You're a good dude, Sam Goode. Don't get down on yourself.' "
Pg. 363: " Henri reaches out his hand and Six shake it 'It's shit good to see you again.'
'Damn good.' I correct him.
Pg. 424: " ' Be strong,' He says and is overtaken by slight coughs, though he tries to speak through them. 'This war... Can win... Find the other... SIx... the power of...' He sasy and trails off."
Pg. 425: "There in it's chest where I assume it's heart must be, is the end of a butcher's knife. The knife pulled free. The scout drops to it's knees,, falls to its side and explodes into a puff of ash. Behind it holding the knife in her shaky right hand, with tears in her eyes, stand Sarah."
Pg. 427: " 'This is Brandon,' my grandfather says. 'He's is your Cepan. Do you know what that means?'
I shake my head.
'It means he's going to be spending a lot of time with you from here on out. The two of you, it means you are connected. You are bound to one another. Do you understand?'
I nod and walk to the man and I offer him my hand as I have seen done many times by grown men before.
The man smiles and drops to one knee. He takes my small hand in his right and he closes his fingers around it.
'Pleased to meet you, sir,' I say.
'My dear child,' he says. 'The pleasure is all mine.' "
Pg. 432: " ' I don't know where you have to go or what you have to do, but I'll wait for you John. Every bit of my heart belongs to you, whther you ask for it or not.'
I pull her to me. 'And mine belongs to you.' I say."
Pg. 435: " 'Fair enough,' I say 'I'm just happy to find out you're not the dick I thought you were.'
He half grins. 'Let's just say that had I known you were an alien and could kick my ass at wil, I might have been a little nicer to you that first day.' "
Pg. 440: " ' I'll come back to you,' I say, 'I promise you, if it's the last thing I do I'll come back to you.' "
Sincerely, Sidny
PS- why didn't he open the letter from henri damn it!?


  1. Thanks a shitton! Needed a page number up there becuase I couldnt find it.