Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spoiler: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

This book is really gripping ... if you don't know that Simon is going to be a Vampire. I read that the fourth book is about Simon's life as a vampire and so i knew he wasn't going to die in this one. Making it alot less entertaining then if I didn't know. I really liked the fact that Clary stays true to her character, there are alot of books that after they're first book takes off the protagonist is changed and altered. (I won't give examples.. it seems rude) How cute are Jace and Clary really? I know it's wrong but it's sweet and they're so meant for each other. Sometimes I forget that they're related! I feel horrible for Simon I mean first he loses the girl then he finally the girl and then he dies (sorta). I thought it might be a twilight moment and that was frightening for a few minutes until I realized that Cassandra Clare (not that i know her) wouldn't want to copy a well to do series. Readers (well i am) are getting tired of Twilight wanna be's. Thanks Cassandra for not pulling that!I really like Magnus and Alec that's really awesome for both of them. I wish that Luke would just tell Clary's mom that he loves her. It's sorta obvious what that could do. I mean what a cute happily ever after.. come on people we're all saps for stuff like that!Isabelle seriously needs to find a man... i mean she is so awesome and nice, she deserves someone too. I enjoy Valentine's evilness it makes the excitement rise because we don't know alot about the Shadowhunter's World so he could do something completely evil we wouldn't always think of. The fact that he's Clary's father (oh and Jace's) makes it that much more interesting.I also like where it's based. NEW YORK CITY. It's perfect!Anyone else wondering what the third Mortal Instrument is? Give me your guesses below!
Sincerely, Sidny

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