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Spoiler: What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler

This post will contain triggers for sexual assault victims, as the book focuses on the topics of rape culture and equality. This debut really looks at Western society, specifically in North America and our norms towards rape culture. It looks at how particular things are dealt with in a small town when a woman who has a reputation reports a case of assualt. It was a tough read but an important one. As many people in North America know there are several cases of rape each year and women are told ridiculous reasons for "why" it happened or asked if they were doing something that may have lead to the assualts. For example: Being drunk, dressing a certain way, making any kind of advance, encouraging,  friendly, or the one that makes me angry every time "It can't be assualt if it's your significant other." All of this is bullshit. I'm very passionate about this, for this reason: If you got robbed, would the police ask you if you'd been drinking or if you'd encouraged the robber some way? Would they ask what you were wearing?
This book deals directly with consent and how to give consent through the teachers at the school as well as the characters introduced in the book.

For anyone who is interested in what consent means please visit:

Kate: She was a strange character to follow as the only time I felt I could relate to her was when she said she was going to the police, but I also found that I was proud of her for stepping up when no one else would. It takes alot to be the "snitch" although it often in the role that is necessary, especially in a case like this. I think that she did the right thing and learned alot about herself through it.

Ben: I found the relationship between Ben and Kate to happen to fast and just didn't seem necessary. Also the fact that he walked in on his teammates raping a girl, and didn't report it is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I can't imagine seeing something like that and doing nothing about it. 

Stacey: It doesn't matter what your reputation is or where you grew up. No one deserves what happened to Stacey. Unless someone says yes, one should assume it's a no.

Lindsey: I'm glad she stood by Kate just disappointed she didn't do more. I understand the small town aspect but really it's ridiculous that this case got so far before someone did anything about it.

Rachel: I want to use so many inappropriate words to describe this character, but mainly she's a product of what she was raised in "Boys will be boys". What bull shit! 

John: I wish that I could say the time he spends in prison is enough and that everything in the world is fair, when in reality it's not. Not even a little. Look at cases that are happening today. You see that criminals don't always do the time they deserve. Especially popular ones who have an in somewhere along the way. 

Sloane: Good for her for being up in everyone's face. It was an important story and someone had to tell it!

Staff at High School: It seems the staff at this school were put into two groups. Ones who supported Stacey and those who backed the golden boys. The principal was one of my least favorite. Rumours can be spread yes, but allegations that someone raped someone else are not taken lightly. Especially with DNA being a thing now, it's not nearly as difficult to find out who did what to who. The coach should be fired for his actions, but likely wouldn't be in real life. While the guidance counsellor got a shitty end of the stick, she stuck up for someone who may not have gotten the help otherwise. Lastly the Mr. Johnston, who puts people in their place while trying to make light of the whole situation. I found from Pg. 280-283 the most important parts of this book and gave me a different perspective on the situation from a grown mans point of view.

Moments to Remember:
Final Line: "Some moments should only be recorded in our hearts."

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