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Spoiler: The Heir by Kiera Cass

So this fourth book in the Selection series. It follows Maxon and America's daughter as the first female heir to the throne of Illea. She is living in a generation of many firsts. The castes have been eliminated, rebels have all been eliminated. People in the country of Illea are experiencing change. And for the monarch, the response is not what was expected. I was surprised to see how the citizens were reacting to the change. Especially the new generation. It was great to see older characters such as Marlee, America and Maxon as adults with a whole life surrounding them. This being said I found the main character extremely annoying. As a reader, I found her whiny and too rude to those around her. I can't even imagine speaking to people the way she does, family, strangers, etc.

Eadlyn: I find that she really was a whiny character in the first 2/3 of the books. I found that she just complained about everything. Her life was so tough wah wah wah. I just hated her. around the last third, I started to enjoy the story more but just not enough. I found that this character was hard to read from her p.o.v. I just can't handle her. This being said I'm reading to learn more about the changes in the world of Illea.

Ahern: I don't blame him for leaving Illea and going to get married. I thought that he was brave to do it and that he was brave to speak to his sister when she was acting like such a brat. I think that he would make a better leader and that he just had to leave his family behind.
Maxon: It sounds like he's changed so much in his time as king, and that's incredible. That being said his health is going down hill quickly as he tries to clean up more and more problems throughout the country. I think that the story of his and America's love was what kept me reading.

America: She has become such a graceful queen and I'm happy to see her getting to be a mother to many great children. I was surprised that she didn't tell her children more about the Selection. I was happy that she was stubborn enough to make sure her eldest, no matter the gender had the opportunity to lead the country. I was upset by the ending and the ending is why I am going to be reading The Crown. 

The Boys: Yes I put them in a pile because I didn't get to know all the names and it didn't seem fair to everyone to leave them out. I like Kile, I think he's kind but I don't know if he's the one. I also like Henri, but that would be a difficult relationship. I also enjoy Erik although he is not even a part of the selection. He's perfect. Burke obviously ugh... but the guy he thought a girl saying no was a joke, I wanna kick your butt. So hard!

Moments to Remember:
Pg.  88
"I knew the water would get rid of the mess, and I know it would take away the smell, but no amount of scrubbing  would ever was away this memory."

 Final Line: "And, when I did, I'd have a ring on my finger."

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