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Spoiler: The Crown by Kiera Cass

So this is a conclusion of the Selection series. And I'm grateful that I took the journey to reading these book but also a little sad that it's done. That being said, I also purchased Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass (the companion novel) and hope to read that before moving on to another book series. This story really evolved from America's and although I did not enjoy The Heir, I did enjoy The Crown a bit more. I found that Eadlyn was less whiny and more understanding. I definitely saw her in a different light in this final instalment. The country has also grown throughout the series. From being labelled by a number and told what you can do. To having say in the government with a constitutional monarchy. I found that the world was the most gripping part of the series as a whole and would suggest it to anyone interest in dystopia or romance as well as those who enjoy drama. 

Eadlyn: She has grown as a character but this being said, I didn't connect with her as much as I had with America in the past books. I found that because she wasn't really fighting through something I was annoyed. That being said she starts to show love for her family by taking on the throne early and letting her parents be a happy couple. I also found that when she opened up she wasn't so cold which was good lessen in what you see isn't always what you get. This being said, I did find that she was still whiny sometimes and that bothered me to no end.

America: She lived so that's awesome and she's by far my favorite character in this whole series. She has always been a fighters and fights what is right whether it will get backlash or not. I'm happy to see her out of the lime light. 

Maxon: What a strong father character he played. I found that his character evolved best between book 3 and book 4. As you could see he had matured but still remained in many aspects the Maxon we remember from the first 3 books in the series. I also found thought that with him still being so in love with America, it held me captivated to find what would happy to their children. 

Kile: I think that they could have worked out and I was pulling for him. But he had other dreams and I think that Eadlyn did the right thing letting him loose with his future. As much as it upset his mother it was the right thing to do.

Henri: It broke my heart when he found out about Erik and Eadlyn because I thought he would be angry. But he's so fantastic that he encouraged it. That was an incredible character and I wish I knew more about his country of Swendway. 

Erik: Ok, it became increasingly obvious that he was in love with her but I kind of suspected that it would just pass through as other love interests did in the first three books (you should all know who I'm talking about). I think that they will make a good couple, although their relationship near the end seemed to rushed for my liking.

Hale: I was surprised by what happened between him and Ean but alot of things make more sense to me now. I'm glad that he came clean.

Ean: This makes way more sense now that we know he just wasn't interested in any women. I get that he was trying to make the best of a situation but I'm happy that he found Hale.

Marid: This freaking loser. I hope that his parents had nothing to do with his plotting, but he's a piece of garbage. To take advantage of someone in such a way is inexcusable.

Josie: She's growing up. Thank goodness.

Momemnts to Remember:
Final Line: "Or a window as narrow as seven minute."

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