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Spoiler: The One by Kiera Cass

As I will mention in the review I bought the rest of the Selection Series online and received them right before a postal strike in Canada. Yahoo. Lucky me! And honestly I don't think I could have waited anymore. I'm looking forward to completing this series and learning more about the past of Illea as well as more about the characters life. I look forward to also catching up with characters after so many twists. 
I found that this book had a lot of twists such as: attacks, character changes, changes in love, etc.
I think that it helped to keep me gripped and it was incredible to zoom through the rest of the book tonight. Yahoo.

America: I think that her character growth throughout the first three books is huge. She changes from being so uncomfortable to kinda whiney to finally fierce. I think that in this last book she is an incredible female character. I did get frustrated in the end when she kept putting off I love yous and telling Maxon about Aspen but you know to heck with it. It all worked out how I wanted so hell ya. Interested to see her as a mother. Also horribly sorry about her dad, how crazy is it that her dad was a rebel! Shock!

Maxon: I think that he also grew up. In the last book I think he was enjoying intimate company with too many women although that's part of the competition. I think he really found himself in this instalment. He was able to learn more about his people, their past and what kind leader he wants to be. When he became so cold with her about Aspen, I understand but I was angry. 

Aspen: I was glad that he was able to find someone worth loving and I think that while letting go is hard, holding on is even harder in this circumstance. He needed someone who needed him and they had both changed so much. 

Lucy: She needed someone strong to help her and all together they belong together. I hope that he explains the issue with America so jealousy is not an issue.

Anne: I felt sorry for her and hope that she didn't die horribly. 

Kriss: Wow I never imagined she was a rebel, but looking into things more and more I started to realize she was hiding something. It makes sense that that would be it. I was glad that she was supportive with America. I do hope that she finds someone who gives her the love she deserves.

Celeste: This took me by surprise. For so long I disliked her but then just when I start to like her. Bang. Literally, bang. Too soon? Also there were unexpected tears. 

Elise: Her idea of honour was an interesting concept and I think she will be a key adviser in the future of this series. 

The King: What a jerk! I think a serious issue of control issues was happening so he eventually had to go one way or another. And I'm sorry to say it was this way but hopefully Maxon will be a better leader.

The Queen: Will be missed, so sad. Very glad to have known more about her characters.

Moments to Remember:
Pg. 170
"Celeste's dress... well, it would certainly be unforgettable. Her neckline was plunging, and it seemed a little inappropriate for the occasion. She caught me staring, and pushed her lips together and shook her shoulders at me."

Final Line: "It's so much more than that."

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