Sunday, August 21, 2016

Spoiler: I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I found that this book was slow to start but got interesting as the character progressed and changed. I thought that the character driven story was difficult to get into but worth it in the end. The two perspectives told the story well and helped to build a family drama/ mystery about the town but the family as well. I think that around 100 pages I was really drawn in and found my groove with this story.

Jude: I think that she was really bratty in the beginning. She watched her brother have trouble fitting in and being pushed away by her father but got jealous about her mother noticing him instead. Life is tough. I found that her pity me act in the high school ticked me off even more. But as I watched her grow closer to Guillermo and Oscar I noticed how many things she regretted and that her self-loathing was eating her alive.

Noah: I think that the beginning Noah was hard to read. He had so many run on sentences from his perspective. I found that he grew on me though. It was heart warming to read that he found someone he could relate to like Brian, but heart breaking when they got caught. Finally how he lashed out was hard to watch but it helped build the story to where it was.

Oscar: I want to know so much more about his past. I thought that he was a great "bad boy" but when he starts to bring back other girls, I got annoyed. 

Brian: I wish that he felt like he could be himself around others but as time goes on you see that he is able to be more comfortable in his skin rather than shy away from who he really was. I thought that he was a sweet characters.

Heather: I'm glad she didn't assume that her and Noah were going out.

Guillermo: I really, really enjoyed this character how broken he was and how much he must have loved the twins mom was beautiful. It was horrible that he believed for so long that she was going to leave him without rhyme or reason. I wish that he found love in the end but 
maybe over time, after grieving he would be able to.

Moments to Remember:
Pg.  174
"And no hot guy should be allowed to have an English accent and drive a motorcycle."

Final Line: "Remake the world."

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